get response reviews cheap email service

Get Response is an awesome client based service, which was founded in 1999. It provides instant client support and a cheap email service solution for starters as well as enterprises. Get Response is fantastic for video email marketing as it provides up to 1GB facility for multimedia storage. Here the users will get the most effective tracking as well as fantastic email response features. ….

Mobile Blogging

Here are some apps that you can use with your iPhone or Android phone in order to make blogging on your phone a little easier. It is already difficult enough since you are not able to touch type on a keyboard, so any help you can get/find is often going to cut a substantial amount of time off of your blogging routine. They also allow you to be more productive if you have to blog intermittently ….

What is Content Curation

What is content curation? Content curation is aggregating contents from different sources on the web and delivering the best of it in an unorganized fashion. A content creation doesn’t necessarily mean to generate any new content, rather collecting it from variety of channels and summarizing the best parts. As a general rule of thumb, content creation sites reproduces some part of the ….

Google Disavow Tool

Since Google is the leader of search engines, getting organic search traffic from Google is one of the most important issue of a website’s success. Either your site is targeted to a product, getting organic traffic for that specific keyword can boost your sale a way lot! Or if you are in blogging, then getting Google visitors for different keywords will help you to increase traffic, ….

Godaddy .99 Domain

Godaddy, being the #1 and most featured Domain registrar in the market, offer special promotion for its value customers time to time. One of the such attractive offer is Godaddy .99 domain registration. GoDaddy has started the special offer once again for .com domains only and you can get your 1st domain for 99 cents. The offer has been available today on 8th May, 2013 which is for ….

Google PageRank Update History Timeline

Google PageRank is the most highly rated and awaited factors on which every blogger keeps a close eye and eagerly wait to see the result of their favorite blog! Looking back, somewhere on a reputable source (I can’t remember the site name exactly) I found that Google is planning to diminish PageRank system in the next year and will weigh the site in a score metrix instead of Pagerank, ….

Hostgator 30 Coupon Code

Hostgator, being the #1 Hosting Service provider, offer periodic special offers for increasing their valuable client base. This time they have come up with a special new offer – 30% Discount Coupon starting from today May 1, 2013 and ends on 15th May, 2013. In addition, we are also offering $10 cash refund for your consideration to purchasing through our affiliate link. We’ll provide ….

Paid Traffic

The competition of getting search traffic for proper keyword is increasing day by day and many new blogs and sites struggle to get the desired traffic to run their business. As a result some of them move to cheap paid traffic sources to generate some sales. Paid traffic is a major source of visitors for many sites specially for those which have some products or services to offer and ….