10 Ways to Get Traffic to your Blog

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

Traffic is the primary target of every blogger as traffic=money. The more traffic you get, the more money you can make from your blog. But to build a long time traffic you need to have your own plan and patience.

Ways to Get Traffic

Here I have mentioned 10 solid ways how to get traffic for your blog in the long run.

On-Page Factors

1. Using WordPress

WordPress is the best blogging platform and since most of the bloggers are using WordPress- it has its own community. WordPress bloggers find a known environment while visiting other WordPress sites and moreover you will get plenty of premium and free themes as well as plugins and support for building WordPress sites.

2. Learn the Basics of SEO

After recent Google’s update, bloggers has switched to other methods to get traffic but if you do not know the ideal way to optimize the primary and LSI keywords in your site, how search engines will strongly identify the keywords in your posts? Every bloggers should at least learn the basics of SEO to properly optimize the content for search engines.

3. Quality Content

You will get returning visitors for long time only for one reason- your content! Yes if you cannot arrange quality contents around your site, then visitor will come to your blog only to make comments but not to build readership and credibility.

4. Blog Design

Your blog design should be simple but attractive. Many bloggers use clumsy design with ads, links and contents are scattered all around the site, which is not good to build long time traffic.

5. Navigation System

Navigation systems should be user-friendly. Visitors should be able to identify the navigation menus and links at their first look. Moreover make sure that all your categories, about, contact and other important pages should be navigational from the homepage.

10 Ways to Get Traffic to your Blog

Off-Page Factors

6. Article Marketing to get traffic

Write at least 1 quality article every week from your blog and spin and publish them to Squidoo, Hubpages and Ezine. Mention 1 or 2 backlinks for your blog in the content and author box. Articles are permanent and yoyu will get one way backlinks, moreover the anchor text will help you to rank your posts higher in search engines. You can also earn few money too from Squidoo and Hubpages, but that is not significant though!

7. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a solid way to build backlinks, getting traffic to your website as well as build good reputation with other bloggers. Make a list of your targeted blogs, make some routine to submit few blog comments everyday by rotation.

8. Forum Posting

Forums are one of the best ways to get traffic and build authority. Spend 1 or 2 days every week to make some useful and helpful forum posting which will drive visitors back to your site.

9. Social Bookmarking

Whenever you publish any post, share it to social marketing sites specially Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Linkedin and Stumbleupon. You can use some tools like Rssgraffiti, Marketmesuite, Hootsuite which will automatically share your posts in social sites after publishing.

If you need more sharing, Justretweet.com is a great way to increase Twitter, Facebook and Google plus likes. Try it today!

10. Guest Posting

Some bloggers are freak to write guest posting and if you can manage enough time, try to write 1 or 2 guest posts per week and share them to high traffic blogs in your niche. Guest posting is something which works well today after Google’s changing algorithm.

There are literally more ways to build traffic but I have mentioned only the solid and genuine ways which really works! What is your best ways to get traffic to your blog? Which single strategy is driving the most visitors for you? Please do share with us.

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