15 WordPress SEO Tips for Maximum Benefit

by Taswir Haider in SEO

WordPress is the best blogging platform no doubt so far and to gain the maximum benefit from it you should optimize your site as well as posts. Here are 15 solid WordPress SEO Tips for every blogger.

wordpress seo tips

SEO Tips for WordPress

  1. Register with Google Webmaster Tools. Once you’re done, add your site and verify it. The benefit to include your site to Google Webmaster Tool is that Google crawler frequently visits your site for checking any new update or changes.
  2. Register for Google Analytics. Get Google Analytics specific code for your site and use it and check the outcome every week.
  3. Install a plugin that will automatically update and submit updated sitemap to search engines whenever there is any change or new post publishes. I suggest to use Google XML Sitemaps plugin for this.
  4. Change permalink structure initially after your setup WordPress blog. You can change the default one from Settings> Permalinks and give a user-friendly permalink.
  5. Learn the basics of SEO which will help you in the long run to get organic search engine visitors.
  6. Optimize your page Title and Meta description effectively. Your Title should be attractive whereas Meta description should be informative.
  7. Many SEO experts as well as Google has declared that they do not give any weight to meta keywords now-a-days. But I still include meta keywords for each post, because who knows one day search engine change their algorithm and give value to meta keywords again! Prevention is better than cure you know!
  8. Use your heading tags effectively. In WordPress post Titles are H1 by default. Try to focus your primary keyword in H1 tag and secondary keywords in H2 and H3 tag.
  9. Noindex cateogry and tag from the starting of your blog as this may create post duplication issue. If you are not sure how to do this, read this article.
  10. Also noindex your admin and other unimportant pages such as Contact, About, Privacy policy etc. You can use Robots meta plugin if your theme doesn’t has built-in option to noindex.
  11. Always try to assign each post into one category only. If you select multiple categories for any post, the post will appear on both categories as well as homepage which might confused and annoy the regular readers who visit directly through your homepage.
  12.  Optimize your images before publishing. You can optimize image with several tools including some premium themes automatically optimize images themselves. You can also download free Image Optimizer which I am currently using. Image optimization helps to delete unnecessary bytes from an image and reduce the image size which helps to decrease page load time.
  13. Setup Google Authorship Markup for getting more value and importance from Google. If you do not know how to do this, just search Google with the keyword and you will find many articles on it.
  14. If you are serious in your internet business, use any premium WordPress framework like Thesis, Genesis etc. Premium framework has many built-in benefits like Site speed, SEO, usability and others.
  15. Write quality contents for your readers. After you finish writing each post, spend a minute or two to optimize it for search engine as well.

There are literally hundreds of WordPress SEO tips but I have tried to mention only those which are important and every blogger should follow. If I have missed any important point or if you have any good tips, please do share with us.

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