3 Plugins to Create Smart Coming Soon Page for WordPress

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

We all know and feel the importance of a coming soon page when we are going to launch any new site that requires significant amount of time and we want to capture email from our potential visitors and inform them that we are launching our new website. There are several themes to create coming soon pages but how about using a plugin instead of using a theme? Much faster and lightweight process rather than installing, updating and later deleting a complete theme, right?

3 Plugins for Coming Soon Page

Ultimate Coming Soon Page / Download

This is a cool plugin that allow you to quickly setup a launch page or coming soon page in your website or blog.

Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Some cool features of Ultimate Coming Soon Pages are-

  • Supports any theme
  • Customizable color, background, image
  • Email collection with Feedburner
  • CSS and HTML customization and many more!

Ultimate Maintenance Mode / Download

This plugin is helpful when you would lke to show a message in the front end while you are working in the background. You can show a message that your site is down for maintenance or anything you like with a screenshot of your site. Helpful when you want to make a vital change on your site and at the same time want to hide it from visitors.

Ultimate Maintenance Mode

SeedProd Coming Soon Plugin / Download

SeedProd Coming Soon plugin is a premium one from SeedProd. You need to invest a small $29 for single site or $49 for multi site license.

SeedProd Coming Soon Plugin Showcase

SeedProd Coming Soon Plugin Showcase

Coming Soon Landing Page Plugin / Download

In addition to above 3, you can have another cool “Coming Soon Landing Page Plugin” only for $4. The plugin is available at Envato and works like the below screenshot.

Coming Soon Landing Page

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