3 Plugins to Facilitate WordPress Database Backup

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Being the best blogging platform WordPress is the center-of-attention for many developers and hence many free as well as premium plugins are developing on a regular basis. In the same way WordPress is vulnerable to brute force attack, so the site owners need to have some caution from their end.

If you are using WordPress, it is always important that you have scheduled WordPress Database Backup by a plugin that can automatically take backup on its own and can also manually support the backup.

3 Plugins to support WordPress database backup

Here is the list of 3 plugins to backup WordPress database:

1. WP-DB Backup

wp db backup plugin

WP DB Backup is a simple lightweight plugin that can arrange automatic and manual backup both. If you wish to set manual backup, then you have three options to take backup to server, download to your computer or email the backup file straight to your selected email address.

You can also automate scheduled backup daily, weekly, monthly and even hourly.

Download WP DB Backup

2. Better WP Security

better wp security wordpress database backup

Better WP Security is basically a top security plugin but in addition to better security assurance it can take WordPress database backup as well. You can create immediate backup as well as automate the backup as per your choice. It can email you the backup file, also can keep your selected number of backup in the server.

The plugin has many other built in security features and moreover it is completely free.

Download Better WP Security

3. Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy WordPress Database Backup Plugin

Backup Buddy is basically a premium plugin and you need to invest few bucks to purchase the tool. The reason why I am focusing this plugin here is because it really worth the investment. It backup your complete WordPress Installation i.e. theme, plugin, widget and database – the entire package. You do not need to worry about your site hacked, broken or permanently crashed again! You can restore it just with few clicks. If you wish to know more about the plugin, then read my Backup Buddy Review here.

Get Premium Backup Buddy Plugin

Which plugin do you use to take WordPress database backup? Please do share with us!

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