4 SEO Mistakes that can hamper your Site SEO

by Taswir Haider in SEO

SEO is a essential component that helps to build site rankings. So it is crucial that anyone follow the basics of SEO to get good search engine rankings. Here are a number of of issues that you need to consider to improve search rankings of your blog.

Images without Alt Tag

A picture may substitute hundred words but search engine crawlers can not understand an image. To a search crawler a image without an Alt tag is worth nothing. So ensure that you make use of Alt tag whenever you use a image in your site. If you really find it wearisome to include Alt tag for every image, you can use SEO friendly Images plugin that automatically add Alt and Title to a image.


Many people love to utilize frames to split a site but they are not good for Search engine optimization. You will notice negative effects in the site’s overall performance if you use frames in a higher degree. For any webmaster it is always recommended to stay away from frames whenever possible.


Heavy Use of Java scripts effects the seo of a site. It is considered a common SEO mistakes but doesn’t mean that java script shouldn’t be used completely. But reducing the use of such scripting results a better performance.

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This is basically the most crucial of all the SEO mistakes pointed out above. Search engine crawlers certainly not able to index the content of Flash, even though text description could help. Still it is definitely not advised to use flash in any site that except to have a high ranking.

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