4 Tips to Attract Advertisers on your Blog

by Taswir Haider in Make Money Online

Monetization is the primary aim for most of the bloggers and there are various ways to make money blogging for everyone. Advertising is one of the most comfortable and smartest way among them. Bloggers apply different approaches to attract advertisers and hence getting direct advertisement is a time consuming and wearisome job for most. In this situation a middleman like BuySellAds, Publicity Clerks can be a great help for you.

How to Attract Advertisers on Your Blog

To attract more advertisers on your website or blog below 4 tips can help:

1. Professional Blogs

In order to attract advertisers make your blog a professional one. There are many part time bloggers who blog as a hobby but when you are serious to your blogging business, give it a professional look in design, write quality articles and engage with visitors. Make sure to blog on a specific niche, do not combine 2 completely different niches with each others on a same blog.

2. Banner Ads

Banner ads are important specially when they use besides logo of a blog. This place is considered ‘above the fold’ and should attract more advertisers usually. Depending on the impressions receive on that particular place, fixed your banner rates. You can set a good rate for banner above the fold and comparatively lower rate for below the fold.

Once you get considerable amount of visitors to your site, try to sign up for BuySellAds to get quality advertisements.

Attract Advertisers on your website

3. Advertise Page

If you like to get direct advertisement, then create a “Advertisement page” which guides to all the details and procedures for advertising with your site. Following informations are mandatory in such case:

  • PR And Alexa Rank of your Blog
  • Traffic details (monthly)
  • About your blog niche
  • How advertisers will be benefited (optional)
  • Payment Method

Make link to your ‘Contact page’ from ‘Advertisement page’ so that interested advertisers can directly contact you.

4. Relevant Ads

You might be using other ad blocks like Adsense, CPC and other CPM ads in your blog. Make sure that those ads are relevant to your niche. One benefit with Adsense is that they show relevant ads only. If your one is a technology blog, using finance ads is a bad example of such.

How do you attract advertisers on your blog? If you have more useful idea to attract more advertisers, please do share with us.

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