4 Ways to Optimize URL of Your Blog Posts

by Taswir Haider in SEO

There are certain points where optimizing a post for search engines is important and URL is a useful part of the factor. Though the URL doesn’t posses a majority weight in importance, but it shouldn’t underestimate as well.

Before you write any post, make sure to check the URL once before you publish.

How to Optimize URL of your Post

Permalink Settings

This is what you need to do before publishing your first post. Default WordPress permalink is not search engine friendly and you should change it from Dashboard> Settings> Permalinks. The simple you can keep your permalink, the better your post URL is optimized.

URL Length

Shorter URLs tend to work better for the search engines. They are more likely to be copied and pasted by others and easy to share and link to. To keep your URL short and optimize it you might omit the stop words from the URL.

4 Ways to Optimize URL of Your Blog Posts

Keyword Location

To optimize URL, the closer your primary keyword is to your domain name, the better. URL like example.com / keyword tends to outperform the URL like example.com/ subdomain/ keyword or example.com/ date/ keyword.

Word Seperators

Hyphen is still the best word separators in the URLs. As an alternative option underscores can be used. But make sure not to include hyphens in the subdomain. Sub domains should be like subdomain. example. com instead of sub-domain. example. com.

How do you optimize url for your posts? Share with us.

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