5 Amazon Plugins for WordPress that Increase Amazon Sales

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Selling Amazon products is a good choice specially if you have affiliate marketing sites. Amazon – being a high trusted source have good conversion rate with thousands of quality products. If you are an amazon affiliate then you can try any of the 5 Amazon Plugins for your WordPress site.

5 Amazon Plugins for WordPress

Amazon Link Plugin

Amazon link plugin can insert amazon products into post, pages, templates as well as widget. You can quickly add products from Amazon in your posts with Amazon Link plugin. The products might be anything like Text links, Images, Thumbnail images & Complex templates.

5 Amazon Plugins for WordPress that Increase the Sales of Amazon Products

Download Amazon Link Plugin

Easy Azon Plugin

EasyAzon is a premium and paid WordPress amazon plugin which will cost you a one time fee of $47. You can create amazon links faster and easier with EasyAzon plugin. You can search amazon products directly from your dashboard with EasyAzon plugin which makes the process really simple and fast.

Easy Azon Plugin

Download EasyAzon Amazon Plugin

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer plugin is a cool one to change your links into Amazon affiliate links. It also automagically changes your amazon links pointing the visitor’s local amazon store while using your amazon affiliate ID for the specific country.

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

Download Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

Amazon Widget Shortcodes Plugin

Amazon Widget Shortcodes plugin helps to manage Amazon links as well as widgets into your blog. It integrates Internal Amazon support, configure copy/paste amazon code, RSS feed filtering and Amazon context links.

Download Amazon Widget Shortcodes Plugin

ScrapeAzon Plugin

ScrapeAzon displays the reviews from customers for specific products as per your choice. To use this plugin, you need to sign up for both Amazon affiliate program and Amazon product advertising API. It uses iframe that can be styled further adding class to theme’s CSS.

ScrapeAzon Plugin

Download ScrapeAzon Plugin

The above WordPress Amazon plugins might be helpful in your Amazon affiliate program. If you have come through more useful one, then do share with us.

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