5 Free and Best URL shortener for shortening URL

by Taswir Haider in Internet Marketing

URL shortening service is getting popularity for the last couple of years and many URL shorteners site are evolving as well! Such service got popularity with the increasing demand of social media sharing. Because while sharing the amount of available space is limited including Title and URL, and shortener services play a major role in this part.

The major use of such service is seen mostly on Twitter and hence URL shortener for Twitter is also growing rapidly.

URL Shortener

5 Best URL Shortener for your post

Google URL Shortener

Goo.gl is the URL shortening service from the major search engine Google itself. This is the most trusted one.

 5 Free and Best URL shortener for shortening URL


Bit.ly URL Shortening Service

Bit.ly is the most popular URL shortening service. Twitter is integrated with Bit.ly services for tweeting posts.



Adf.ly URL Shortening System

The additional advantage of using Adf.ly is that you can earn income with Adf.ly. They show ads for 5 secs before the link is shown and you earn money this way!



TinyURL Shorteners

TinyURL is a good one with some good features. You can also use it with your browser to make the process faster.




Su.pr URL shortening service is from Stumbleupon which can used to submit on Facebook and Twitter also.



Now its your turn. Which URL shortener you use the most? If you have any specific choice for URL shortening service which is not in the above list, please share with us.

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