5 Must Have Features for Your Website

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

Every website is unique from its design and functionality but there are certain things which every website should have. Below are the list of 5 Must have features or functionality for your website or blog.

Must Have Website Features

Must Have Website Features

Permalink Structure

One of the most important thing you need to do before publishing any post is to change your permalink structure. WordPress default permalink shows post number which is not SEO friendly. You should change it to something meaningful. To change Permalinks go to Settings> Permalinks from WP dashboard and choose your preferred one.

My personal choice is using post name after root domain as the closer the primary keyword is to the domain name, the better.

Default Permalink: http://www.thetopblogger.com/ ?p=123

Change to: http://www.thetopblogger.com/ sample-post/ or your preferred one.

5 Must Have Features for Your Website

Add Favicon

Favicon is the small logo which you see in the address bar when you open any site. A favicon is important as it reflects the brand of your site. If you are using a symbol for your website or brand, you can include it as favicon too.

If you do not have your personal logo for your site, then you can always create a favicon from Favicon Generator or Favicon.

404 Redirection

When any link opens to a non-existent page, 404 Error occurs and too many 404 pages create bad impressions to search engines. To reward readers and search engine both, identify your 404 error pages and redirect them to any live page of your site. You can use the cool Redirection plugin to redirect such pages.

Read details: What is 404 error and how to find and fix 404 error pages

404 error pages can be identified from Google Webmaster Tools> Health> Crawl Errors menu. Here you will find the list of such errors and redirect them.

Redirection Plugin


Many newbie bloggers do not concentrate on the importance of having sitemap. If you haven’t created a sitemap yet, you can always create one using Google Sitemap Generator plugin. Sitemap is important to crawl and index your site better. Make sure to add a link to Sitemap in your footer, which is helpful for crawlers. Also make sure that you have submitted sitemap to google as well as Bing Websmater Tools.

About Me Page

Whenever you are blogging professionally, you need to build your own identity. An about me page helps to know the readers who you are and your background. Instead of writing only 1 line about yourself, try to be constructive and add some background if possible specially when you are new to blogging. Check the comprehensive “about me” page from Neil.

It is not necessary that your about me page should be such long, but try to input as many important information about you as possible.

If you have more constructive must have website features and functionality, then share with the comments section.

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