5 Reasons to Get Google Penalty

by Taswir Haider in SEO

Google is the leading of all search engines and bloggers target to optimize their keywords basically for Google. Simplicity and being ethical is the best practice and many face Google penalty due to the deceptive practice they use for their site. So you should be careful to avoid getting penalized from such Google penalty.

5 Reasons for Getting Google Penalty

Here are the top 5 reasons that might lead to a Penalty from Google.

1. Unrelated Keywords

Never abuse the search engine algorithm using deceptive techniques. Some web masters place keywords which have absolutely nothing or no relation with the content. They target high cpc keywords and put these to get high paying CPC ads from Adsense and others but may ended up with Google penalty.

2. Doorway Pages

Employing this particular method, web masters encodes a webpage with a lot of keywords that are optimized for particular searches, using a Javascript redirect into a website applying coded properly, with the actual motive to cheat with Google and other search engines since the bot doesn’t understand javascript. Using this kind of exercise Google might penalize by removing the particular whole site.

5 Reasons to Get Google Penalty

3. Mirror pages

Mirror web pages with similar content articles can get penalty from Google simply because readers could reach on the same info again. Even though 20 to 30 percent post duplication does not effect the rankings, however overdoing it could make the blog or website seem like some sort of content scrapping site and as a result search engines might remove the site from search.

4. Hidden Text

Some web masters place additional keywords and hide them tactfully by placing exactly the same color as the site background, hence the visitor won’t be affected because the page appearnce does not change. This is also done to get high paying ads through those hidden keywords.

5. Hidden links

This is certainly most typical technique of looking to get back links – simply placing Hidden links. Regular readers cannot notice these sort of links until finally they look at source code, but search engines can see this. These kinds of links usually are a major problems for some of the web owners.

Most likely if you use free theme or even download the Premium WP theme and wordpress plugin through torrent sites, sometimes you might ended up experiencing these hidden links within your products. You should consider downloading anything through trusted sites and safeguard yourself from getting Google penalty.

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