51 Top WordPress Plugins for 2013

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

There is a long argument about the maximum number of plugins you can use for your WordPress blog. The truth is that the plugin usability depends upon your requirements, so no one can give you the exact idea for the maximum number of plugins you should use. Excessive plugins may slow down your site and you might consider using a CDN service or upgrade your hosting if necessary.

Actually you should activate only those plugins which you need regularly and deactivate those which you are not using for the time being. However here is the list of Top WordPress plugins 2013 which I like and consider worth of using! I am personally using most of them in my several WordPress sites. So you can also give them a try!

Top Free WordPress Plugins

Here is the list of free best and top WordPress plugins for your blog:

1. Akismet : One of the best WordPress plugin to fight with comment spam, which comes by default.

Update: I am currently using GASP which have turned down spam comments to almost zero in The Top Blogger. So I will obviously vote for GASP as the best plugin for comment spam.

2. WP Conditional Captcha : When Akismet trace a comment as spam, Conditional Captcha provides user a simple captcha to solve.

3. Google Sitemap Generator : Sitemap is a must to help search engine crawlers finding inner pages and have better search ranking. Google Sitemap Generator plugin is the best one in this regard.

51 Top WordPress Plugins for 2013

4. W3 Total Cache : One of the best best WordPress plugins and most popular cache plugin available for your WordPress blog.

5. Better WP Security : Increase security like a pro as well as can backup your WordPress sites.

6. WP-DB Backup : Simple but effective solution to backup your wordpress database tables. It can be omitted if Better WP Security is installed. If you are looking for primary backup plugin, then Backup Buddy and Backup Creator are the best options.

7. Limit Login Attempts : Must-have plugin to save yourself from brute force attack. One of the top and must have plugin for any blog. Learn how limit login attempts plugin works.

8. Contact Form 7 : The simple and most downloaded Contact form plugin for WordPress sites.

9. WPtouch : Optimize your blog for mobile viewers too with WPtouch! The best WordPress plugins for mobile users.

10. Simple Ads Manager : Excellent plugin to manage your ads. Simple Ads Manager plugin might fulfill all the needs for effective advertising.

11. Gocodes : Turn your ugly affiliate URL into a pretty one and keep tracking of clicks. Can change url trigger and add nofollow to the redirection sequence. Read my Gocodes WordPress Plugin review here.

12. Maxblogpress Ping Optimizer : Optimize your ping effectively and control excessive pinging. Free and worthy plugin, can replace default WordPress ping list. Find the great WordPress ping list 2013 for your blog.

13. Insights : Find any older posts, image, video directly from your editor screen without leaving the page. WordPress Insights Plugin is perfect for manual interlinking and time saver.

14. Antivirus : Automatically check your theme for malware. This free WordPress plugin can prove useful if your theme has got a hack.

15. Open External links in New Window : Open external links in new window plugin- leaves your blog pages open and helps to reduce bounce rate.

16. No Self Ping : Do you like to prevent self pinging? Check this one.

17. WP- Stats Dashboard : Provide various statistical data for your site. May slow down your site, use wisely!

18. WP-Polls : Best free WordPresss plugin to make a poll about any emerging issue.

19. WP Insert : Nice for managing Google Adsense & other ads and nicer for creating one click privacy policy with WP Insert plugin.

20. WP Optimize : Remove your post revisions, drafts, spam comments and optimize database to increase speed with WP Optimize plugin.

21. Author hReview : Top WordPress plugin for affiliate rating with 1 to 5 stars. Can download the free version from here too. See it in action at my Backup Buddy Review.

22. Ad Squares Widget : 125*125 ads management plugin in the sidebar- Ad Squares Widget plugin. This is a free WordPress plugin but can do multiple functions like rename title, open links in new window, change padding as well as AdSense button, javascript and html. My 2nd choice for this category is WP125.

23. Redirection : Redirection is necessary for broken links. When there is broken links in your site, it is important to redirect your visitors as well as search engine to any page you like. Also it is good for SEO.

24. Auto Excerpts Everywhere : Customize your excerpt length, add a read more text and moreover add a image for read more button with Auto Excerpts Everywhere plugin.

25. TF Social Share : Floating sharebar on left of content with important customizations such as change border style, left spacing, top spacing etc.

26. SEO by Yoast : Best free SEO optimization plugin if you are not using any premium theme which have built-in SEO.

27. Breadcumb Navxt : Create user-friendly breadcumb navigation with this free plugin.

28. WP-PageNavi : Without pagination enabled how can a visitor jump into your older pages easily? Install it immediately if you dont’ have one!

29. WP-PageNavi Style : Give your WP-PageNavi plugin a cool look with beautiful pre-built styling options.

30. Subscribe to Comments : Visitors should give a chance to subscribe to comments to keep tracking of replies on their comments. Enable visitors to come back again. Win-win situation for both you and visitors.

best wordpress plugin

31. Comment Redirection : After comments, why not you give a Thank You message or offer to purchase any product (obviously beneficial one) to your commenter. Or take them to any page with email subscription offer.

32. WP-Comment Navi : If you are receiving too many comments, then you might be looking for such pagination of comments.

33. After the Deadline : Grammar and spelling checker, may be boring for expert users but good for those whose English is not still so good!

34. Robots Meta : Ideal for those who are using free theme. Can noindex categories, tags and other admin pages as well as can manually configure noindex and nofollow settings for any post and page.

35. WP Table Reloaded : One of the top WordPress plugins to add table for your site. With many customizations available, you can check it using at one of my posts.

36. Social Sharing Toolkit : Highly customizable social sharing button for your WordPress site.

37. Thumbnail for Excerpts : Sometimes you may face to show thumbnail for excerpts even in premium themes, the plugin should help you on this.

38. Keyword Density Checker : After you finishing writing any post, it helps to summarize the keywords and keyword phrase with density.

39. P3 Performance Profiler : Top WordPress plugins from Godaddy to check which plugins are slowing down your site. Fantastic one showing the memory consumption of plugins with graph. Check my earlier post how P3 Plugin Performance Profiler works.

40. Google Analytics for WordPress : If you do not have better option to install Google Analytics in your theme, you can try this plugin.

41. SEO Friendly Images : Make your images SEO friendly by assigning Alt tag and other settings.

42. Date Exclusion SEO : Automatically remove date from older posts after specified period and make all posts look fresh and live. Not updated for long but still works fine. Read how Date Exclusion SEO plugin works.

43. Improved Plugin : Install all your favorite multiple plugins at once specially effective to reduce plugin installation hassles for new WordPress site. Just include your favorite plugin names or url in the list and it will install all of them with a single click.

44. WordPress Related Posts : The related post plugin which I am currently using at TTB. The plugin has also detailed statistics with CTR and clicks. Earlier I used Outbrain- which was great but the stats supported from external sources, Nrelate- which was good but post relevancy wasn’t good enough and Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)- great plugin with great accuracy of relevancy but somehow it didn’t suit my theme. So I skipped earlier all 3 for the specific reasons mentioned above.

Premium WordPress Plugins

In addition to above free ones, below are premium cool WordPress plugins for which you need to spend few buck but these completely worth your investments.

Premium Plugin

45. Optin Skin : Cool optin skin to increase your conversion rate. You might like to check my earlier Optin Skin Review to know more in details.

46. Backup Buddy : Never worry for losing your site again! Backup your plugins, theme, database everything and restore immediately. A peace of mind. Read review of Backup Buddy plugin here.

47. SEO Smart Links : Very effective for auto interlinking as well as automatically converting any keyword into affiliate link as per your customization.

48. Popup Domination : You must have seen some cool popup subscription box to subscribe to email. Can really increase your subscription rate significantly with any valuable free report, ebooks or products as a gift.

49. Fanciest Author Box : Cool author box, clean style with separate social media following option.

50.  Special Recent Posts Pro : Make your recent posts interactive in sidebar. Check how Special Recent Posts Pro works.

51. Easy WP SEO : A must have plugin to increase your search engine rankings with SEO checklist. Very cheap compare to its competitors but to me this plugin is far better than those. I am using it for my other affiliate sites too. Check out my complete review of Easy WP SEO plugin.

If I have missed any important plugin, please share. Which best WordPress plugins you are using frequently for your blog? Which one you consider as the best plugin in 2013?

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