6 Free and Best Keyword Research Tools

by Taswir Haider in SEO

In today’s competitive online world, the severity of competition is increasing and as a result the importance of proper keyword research for SEO is also increasing day by day. Hence it is getting difficult for any blog to outrank another blog which are on 1st page of SERP without proper keyword targeting and placement. After doing a lot of research and using a lot of tools, I have made a list of 6 best keyword research tools that I use everyday and which can also help you to find the right keywords to target.

6 Free Keyword Research Tool

Here are the list of Keyword Research Tool review:

1. Google Adwords Tool

Google Adwords tool is definitely the best and mostly used free keyword research tools for any business. You can know the keyword competition, countrywise search trend, global and local monthly searches and CPC rate (if you are targeting Adsense) and many more from this tool. While searching with Google Adwords tool make sure that you select “Exact” search instead of “Broad” or “Phrase” to know the exact searches for the specific keyword you are targeting.

6 Best Keyword Research Tools

2. Google Search Box AutoComplete/ Suggest

This is not exactly a keyword research tool but can be a super weapon in keyword research specially helpful for finding long tail keywords. When you type 1 or 2 words in the Google search box it will automatically suggest related keyword phrase like below picture. Moreover Google search box auto complete suggestion feature will also help in finding LSI keywords which you can include around your posts for better SEO.

Google Auto Search Complete Suggest

3. HitTail

HitTail is a premium and best keyword research tool for 2013 that can make your life easier automatically suggesting keyword on specific time interval. What HitTail do is it collects data from organic search visits and thereafter suggest you more effective keywords around it to write new post or improve the current one. I have written a HitTail Review which you can check to learn more details.

The reason I have mentioned HitTail under free keyword research tool is because they have “free 1 year blogger package” which anyone can apply for and HT is very supportive to provide this package to anyone as long as you meet their requirement. I have got this opportunity and believe you can too. <HitTail>

4. Soovle

Soovle is my definitely favorite SEO keyword research tool and fast on searching the right one along with LSI keywords. Using Soovle, can get suggestion on Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Answers.com and so on- all under one screen! From the suggested keywords, you can choose the right keyword for your business. <Soovle>

5. UberSuggest Free Keyword Tool

As the name implies, UberSuggest help to choose keyword by suggesting all related keywords alphabetically in a sequence. You can then tick the targeted one and export them into a text editor easily to use in your blog. <UberSuggest>

6. LSI Keywords

The importance of LSI keywords is increasing for proper SEO and should be the pioneer in search engine optimization tips. I have found a free LSI keyword research tool that will search for all the effective LSI keywords accordingly. Hope you will also find it useful. <LSIKeywords>

If you have found more free and best keyword research tools rather than the above list, please do share with us. Also check the keyword tracking tool from the earlier posts:

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