7 Must Know SEO Tips for A Newbie

by Taswir Haider in SEO

Those who are new to blogging have many questions in mind related to SEO and site optimization. In this situation most crucial SEO tips help them to start their blogging journey more effectively. There is a SEO starter guide from Google itself which you can download for free.

Must Know SEO Tips for Newbie

Here is the list of 7 SEO Tips that every newbie must know:

1. Sitemap Submission

Submit the sitemap of your website to Google that will explain how frequently your website is crawled and how it is listed. Add a sitemap using a plugin like Google Sitemap Generator and add the navigation link to sitemap in your front page.

2. Google Analytics

Sign up for Google Analytics and register your site there and implement the analytics code to your site. This will help you to understand for which specific keywords visitors are coming your website. Google Analytics also important to analyse other necessary data as well as to track your website visitors from different points.

3, Avoid Extended Links

Rather than using “example.com/ folder/folder/article.html” or “subdomain. example.com/ article.html”, it is good to use “example.com /article.html”. It helps to build your ranking strength when the keywords you are looking to rank are closer to the actual root of the domain itself.

4. Canonical Tags

Canonical tag is proven to solve duplication issues, since such tag advises which version (www or without www) of the page must be indexed/listed by search engines like Google. Some themes support canonical tags setup from itself or you can setup canonical tags from Google Webmaster tools.

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7 Must Know SEO Tips for A Newbie

5. Broken Links

Google search spiders do not like being ended in a dead link thus routinely examine your site and find any kind of broken link there. Google Webmaster Tools includes a option for this which you can check from Google Webmaster Tools> Health> Crawl Errors.

6. Optimize your Code

Every website belongs to some codes and such codes need to be checked simply by cleaning up any sort of errors. Such useful checker tool is W3C Validator. Just like broken links it is needed to make sure that crawlers can move effectively through the site. Any sort of code which may potentially blocking the crawlers must be fixed.

7. Avoid Flash

Search engines cannot read flash and for this reason using flash is not recommended as well. Use flash only if you really need it (such as for showing a flash presentation).

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Hope above SEO Tips will help newbie to make a good start in their blogging journey!

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