Ad Squares Widget to Display 125×125 Ads in Sidebar

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Are you using 125×125 ads in your blog? Then you might be using any plugin to manage your 125×125 ads! WP125 is the most popular one for such ad management so far. Another cool one is Ad Squares Widget which I prefer more than WP125. Why? There are few reasons why I prefer Ad Squares Widget plugin over WP125 plugin.

Features of Ad Squares Widget Plugin

1. You can rename Title with Ad Square Widget plugin which is not possible with WP125.

2. You can allow opening links in new window using target=”_blank” attribute.

3. Can make the link nofollow using rel=”nofollow” tag, which is great to avoid passing PageRank.

4. Another wonderful option is changing and adjusting padding to fit ads with your sidebar.

5. With Ad Squares Widget, no matter you add Adsense, Javascipt and HTML code, it works fine.

6. Moreover you can use multiple add widgets (maximum 8 125×125 ads in each widget).

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Ad Squares Widget to Display 125x125 Ads in Sidebar

How to Install and Configure Ad Square Widget Plugin

At first Install the plugin from WordPress plugin directory and activate it.

Then customize it from Appearance> Widgets> and place your code in HTML or your preferred format. A sample HTML format should be like below:

<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”

><img src=””

height=”119″ width=”118″ alt=”Aweber” /></a>


Once you have customize the codes and your preference, then save the widget and refresh the site. Ad Squares Widget should show your 125 ads in a smart manner.

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