Top Adsense Alternative “AdBrite” – Shutting Down on February 1

by Taswir Haider in Make Money Online

AdBrite which was considered as one of the top competitors of Google Adsense is shutting down today on February 1, 2013. It is stated that due to financial liabilities and market condition Adbrite can no longer continue it’s operation and will not be operational after today. This is a sad news for those who are looking for a great alternative after Google Adsense, as Chitika- one of the top competitor doesn’t suit the need for all as they target mainly visitors from USA, UK and Canada.

It’s time to go for Adsense?

Top Adsense Alternative AdBrite - Shutting Down on February 1

Now what to do next? If you are looking for a CPC monetization program, then Google Adsense is the best and secured one. If you have used Adsense earlier and for some reason not interested to implement it again, then you might go for Chitika or you might look for contextual ads or in-text ads.

BuySellAds can be a great source for direct advertising or if you are getting low traffic then you might like PublicityClerks- another alternative to BuySellAds.

If you haven’t applied for Adsense yet, then below guide might be helpful for you.

Are you using any alternative for Adsense? Which one is the best monetization program for your blog? Share your ideas with us.

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