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Content Creation and Auto Blogging Tool

Before starting with Article Builder tool, let’s have few basic scenario of auto blogging. Those who are in the world of internet marketing and specially in blogging must know how difficult it is to create contents regularly to keep their blogs alive. Some people really love to write but it comes as a headache when you need to write each and every day for all of your blogs. Sometimes you must be thinking if there is someone who will write fresh content for you on regular basis, right?

Or if you find someone for this, then you must be thinking how much it is going to cost you per month and even per year? The accumulated expense is really huge if you are spending $2 to $5 per article and creating 2 to 5 or more articles per day for your blogs. Moreover, you need to manually check those articles for grammatical and other errors. So what is the total time, effort and money you are spending on each article? What is the solution to get rid of this??

Article builder comes to the rescue for such. It is another influential product from the developer of ‘The Best Spinner‘ Jonathan Leger, who is one of the top most reputed internet marketer today and running successfully a number of tools. So why his Article Builder is such a powerful tool? To find the answer let’s have a look at Article Builder Review to see what’s inside.

Article Builder Review – Automatic Content Creation Software

Article Builder Review

Article Builder is a content creation tool that automatically create contents based on specific categories that you can use to publish in your blog(s). Another cool thing is that it can also automatically publish posts on 100% auto pilot. Once you’ve done some setup, it will automatically publish the rest for you. Now the question might come in your mind how it create contents, right?

Article Builder has a huge database of articles written by native-English speakers and each article is created from the snippets of this huge article database. Since it has tens of thousands of categorized snippets in the database, the contents are guaranteed by Article Builder team to be at least 75% unique (usually more than 90% unique). See additional messages from them:

It doesn’t matter how many articles you generate. Hundreds. Thousands. The odds than any two articles generated by one of these documents will be less than 80% unique is one in ten million, 70% unique odds are one in ten billion.

You can also tweak the content for more uniqueness, but that is not necessary enough where you are auto blogging and looking for more contents per day.

Cool Features of Article Builder Software

Article Builder Logo

When you are reading the Article Builder Review, you should know the cool features what Article Builder can basically do for you.

Build An Article

Article Builder Interface

Select a Article Category, choose target words (300~1000 words) for your article, set how many articles you want and you’re ready to Go! It’s that easy to build an article. You can also generate article from ‘Super Spun’ document, which is awesome.

Copyscape Check

When you build an article manually through Article Builder, you can encode output to pass Copyscape. What it does is actually a portion of the article text will be randomly converted to encoded HTML characters. When viewed in a browser, the encoded text is perfectly readable, but the random encoding almost always passes a copyscape check, showing that Google views the encoded article as unique.

Inject Content

Take any of your existing article and select the category and keywords that identify your article. AB will search its own database for tips and snippets related to the article and inject content to make it more unique and informative.

My Saved Jobs & Number of Articles per day

You can save article building jobs for future needs and run the job later for your article. With $297/year for the tool, you can generate up to 400 articles per day to be used in as many blogs as you want, that means 400 x 365 articles you can receive each year, which is more than 100 thousand! If you still need above 400 articles everyday (believe no one will need that much though!!), you can also buy that option with a small fee.

Request Topics

You can request topics to the AB team and they take it into consideration to create new categories based on the number of same request. Article builder covers a good number of topics currently and if you are a internet marketer then you will find plenty of categories such as Article Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing. AB also covers good number of categories on Health, Finance, Technology, Home and family, Recreation as well as some additional categories and the team is working to increase categories in future.

Below comment is from Article Builder site about their quality of Topic:

All Topics Include Super Spun Content

(100% Human Edited, Top Quality)


Auto Blogging / Auto Posting

Article Builder Blog Management Auto Blogging

The most interesting features of Article Builder is its auto blogging capability. Once you set, it will automatically posts on your blogs based on your selected categories as many as three times a day or as little as every thirty days.

My technique is I choose to publish one or two posts everyday for few important categories and three, seven or fourteen days for less important categories, so that the posting looks natural.

Auto posting helps your blogs to look alive with fresh contents everyday while you are practically not giving any effort on it. You can set auto posting job on as many blogs as you want within default 400 articles/day limit. To be true you may not get enough search engine visitors from the auto posted contents as the contents do not necessarily automatically optimized for keyword density, primary keywords and other SEO settings. But you can optimize it manually if you wish.

Frankly speaking I do not try to optimize those articles as I concentrate on other manually written regular blogs and let Article Builder to run other blogs automatically. But if you want to optimize before publishing, then you need to select ‘Post articles as drafts instead of publishing immediately’ which will automatically save the posts as draft so that you can manually tweak and publish the articles.

Article Builder Auto Posting Jobs

In Auto Blogging/Auto posting job, you can also-

  • Determine the maximum and minimum words (300~1000 words) for each post, which is awesome.
  • Can set Resource box to be automatically added to the end of each articles.
  • Article Builder can support custom keyword placement.
  • It can automatically place videos to the posts.
  • Can automatically add sub-headings into the blog post.
  • Can perform automatic LSI replacement on the blog posts.
  • Can inject additional contents as sidebar tips or inside the content.
  • Can automatically add links matching Clickbank products in the posts (need to provide your Clickbank user name and it will create the rest affiliate link)

Article Builder Software API

Article Builder API

I have previously seen WordPress Plugin supporting Article Builder API and there must be more plugins releasing in upcoming days enabling the same API support to provide the user with more benefit from the plugins.

How About the Price

Though the price of Article Builder seems high at the beginning considering price calculation at yearly, but less than $25 a month for 12,000 articles (400 articles x 30 days) should not be enough for a serious Internet Marketer. In fact many of the reputed online marketing tools require more monthly investment than this. How much you are paying per article actually?


The support is good so far as per my experience for Jon’s product as I am occasionally using his TheBestSpinner tool besides Article Builder. A good dedicated team entertain the users with any type of support for the product. Though for my cases it took some time to get replies (perhaps this happen due to their large user base), but I got the exact help for my problems.

Though I have tried to disclose my best possible experience in Article Builder Review, if you have any additional question or suggestion please reply through the comment section. If you are already using “The Best Spinner” and know the quality of Jon’s products, I recommend you to give Article Builder a try if you want to have articles like one of my several auto blog sites like this. Moreover if you think the product doesn’t fit your need, you have full 30 days in hand to get refund of your payment. Hope you will also enjoy the software like I do.

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