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The secret to monetize a site is its traffic, hence the more traffic your blog gets the more you can earn. But a blog cannot sustain in the long run based on referral traffics only. Organic search engine visitors come into the major role in terms of increasing long time traffic and monetize a blog.

For this you need to know how to optimize your keywords and at the same time need to check how your optimized keywords are performing in the search results of Google, Bing and Yahoo- more specifically Google.

What is Authority Labs?

Authority Labs is a premium online keyword rank checker tool that automatically track the ranking of your keywords on major 3 search engines. Previously I used desktop based keyword rank checker tool like CuteRank, Traffic Travis but the difference between desktop based and online based is that desktop based tools can work only when your computer or laptop is open and online based tools can work even at the time when you sleep!

Another major problem with desktop tool is that it sends too many automated queries to search engines to track the ranking. Search engines like Google doesn’t like so many automated queries and may ban your IP for few minutes or hours. In this situation you can buy proxies from Proxy Bonanza or My Private Proxy and Proxy Goblin (which is more cheaper and I am currently using). So coming to the main discussion, we are going to share Authority Labs review and how you can access keyword tracking with Authority Labs tool.

Authority Labs Pricing

The good side starting with AuthorityLabs is that it comes with 1 month free with any of the 4 packages. This is really beneficial to test out the risk-free full version of the product for a entire month. They even will not ask for entering your credit card information, just stop using the account if you do not like it; or upgrade your payment option after one month to continue the service. That’s it. Pricing are as follows:

Authority Labs Pricing

How to Get Started with AuthorityLabs

Go to Authority Labs and sign up for any of the 4 packages. Login to your new account and add your first domain. Create your first project, add domain name and input all the keywords you would like to track. The necessary steps are showed in below pictures, it’s simple.



Authority LabsPart2


Authority LabsPart3


Authority LabsPart4

After you have added keywords, AuthorityLabs will take 2 to 3 hours for updating the data. You can check the rank of your keywords everyday without the need to manually tracking- AL will take care of this part.

Authority Labs Software is elegant, fast and accurate. It doesn’t hamper your regular work activity and being a online based tool it will not create any load on your system as well. So why not try it today?

Sign up for Authority Labs 1 Month Free Trial

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