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WordPress Backup Solution

If you’re not backing up, sooner or later it may happen that something in your electronic world crashes and you’re going to lose your stuffs. Then you might recall the proverb “Prevention is better than cure”!! Because sometimes there is not enough cure to regain the health.

You can minimize even restore the damage by backing up the data of your computer. Now a days people are much aware of backing up of computer. But are they taking backup of their website? If you think that your website is bulletproof, it is actually not bulletproof and mostly vulnerable to hacking attacks, server crashes or any other malware attacks and a WordPress backup solution might comes to the rescue.

Backup Buddy Overview

Protecting yourself against hackers and server failure is a no-brainer, but perhaps the better reason to backup is yourself. You might know that how easy it is to install the wrong WordPress plugin and crash your site at no time? Or you just push the wrong button and delete your archive completely? It’s not pretty, but it happens unintentionally and most of the time without your knowledge.

So how do you like giving yourself peace of mind and backup your site.

Backup Buddy makes it easy for you.

What is Backup Buddy WordPress Plugin?

Backup buddy wordpress pluginBackup Buddy is the powerful backup solution that backup, restore as well as move WordPress. In a simple word, its your buddy to facilitate your backup!

It’s a simple WordPress backup plugin that back up your site. And this is not just your content, but your entire WordPress installation with few simple clicks !! So if you muck up your theme you can restore it without missing a beat. The best feature is that you can schedule local and off-site backups so you never have to worry about it. Set it up and forget it.

How Backup Buddy works

Backup WordPress Site

Backup Buddy enable to backup your entire WordPress site with few clicks. It backups the complete package including WordPress theme, Plugins, Widgets, Files and SQL database.

Like computer, you can take regular backup of your site(s).

You can schedule your backup and it will automatically send them to your Email, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud or an FTP server as well as download them directly to your desktop.

Backup buddy plugin

Restore Your Site

If your site is hacked or broken, you can restore it fast with few clicks. Upload your backup files and you’re fine to go! It will restore your theme, widgets, plugins – everything else!

No need to install WordPress again. Backup Buddy will restore it in a earlier state.

Migrate Your Site

If you want to move or migrate your site to another domain or hosting, Backup Buddy can do it right for you. It allows to move your backed up site to another server from your WordPress dashboard.

Last Word

In a simple word, Backup Buddy is the super backup solution for your WordPress Installation:

•    It’s easy.
•    It’s automatic.
•    It’s powerful.

So how do you think having such a tool that might worth your investment. Drop a little cash today so when your site crashes tomorrow you won’t have to worry.

Check out Backup Buddy today


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