Best Contextual Advertising Programs for your Blog

by Taswir Haider in Make Money Online

Contextual Advertising programs can be a good source of make money online system if you are getting good traffic on your site every day. There are several contextual advertising networks available who provide quality in-text ads to monetize your sites. If your blog is one where user engagement is important, then in-text ads might not be the best option for you, hence so many links (links from ads and posts both) might confuse readers.

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Top Contextual Ads Programs


Infolinks is the best in-text ad program so far and one thing I like the most is their support. The stuffs are quite helpful and approval process is also faster. Infolinks also have plugin to put the ad codes so that you do not have to put the code manually. You can also control the text link color and style. Infolinks also offer related tags features to boost your earnings.

The only disadvantage of using Infolinks is that it might be confusing sometimes, specially if you are using too many interlinking, then it might confuse readers which link is for Infolink ads and which one is your post. However you can use different color for Infolink ads to solve this problem.

Best Contextual Advertising Programs for your Blog

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Skimlinks is a cool one that automatically convert your text to affiliate ads. How Skimlinks works? Actually Skimlink is affiliated with several other vendors and once you place Skimlinks code in your site, it will automatically search keywords. Then it will display related ads with those keywords. Once anyone purchase through the link they make money and in turn they will share the profit with you.


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Clicksor is the reputed one and you can see them used mostly with low-engaging traffic sites. Clicksor offer pop-up ads too, but this might irritate the readers when you use popup. So use the pop-up wisely. You can use their in-text advertising to earn some income.


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Other Reputed In-text Adverising Networks


Text Link Ads Contextual Advertising Network

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Trggit In-text Ads

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Are you using contextual advertising on your blog? Did you ever try contextual ads or in-text ads? Please share your experience and outcome from it.

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