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by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Do you find it time consuming to design your site or blog each time? Do you want your site to be nicely decorated with less work? Or you even cannot make a beautiful site after a lot of hard work? If so, a thesis skin is the right choice for you.

Thesis skin is very helpful for those who wish to make a lucrative site with less effort. There are both free and premium skins available in the market. If blogging is your passion or you are serious about your internet business, then a premium skin is the right to go. You should consider a premium skin over free skin because free skins may not nicely coded enough or may contain malicious links inside which may cause the security of your sites.

Moreover, if you make one time payment for a premium thesis skin, you can use it in unlimited sites you want and many of these skins come with several built-in color schemes.

Thesis Theme

Note: To install the skin, you must have Thesis installed on your site. If you haven’t purchased Thesis yet, you can Get it from here! 

Premium Thesis Skin


thesis skin

With beautiful thesis skins from the popular problogger Hesham, Thesis Awesome has captured the market with quality skins. I love his blogskin the most and using it for a number of sites. In fact this site is built with blogskin though I couldn’t put enough effort to make this site beautiful, but you can have a demo on the site itself. Blogskin is the perfect monetization skin for any sites that deals with affiliate banners, links and google adsense. Moreover it has 18 colors choose from, only with a single price and for unlimited number of your sites.

Get Thesis Awesome Skins


thesis theme skin

Thesis Ready comes with a good collection of premium thesis skin. A dozen of premium skins are available in their stock as well as they are also offering free skins. Check the site for more details to meet your requirement.

Get Thesis Ready Skin


thesis skin new

The intelligent Kolakube skins come from the amazing and brilliant guy Alex. Responsive, high converting , blogskin- choose your premium thesis skin from a number of alternatives. Hope you will like his premium skins.

Get Kolakube Skins

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