Bing Sitemap Plugin: Will it Increase Bing Crawl Rate?

by Taswir Haider in SEO

Bing has introduced sitemap plugin to help webmasters to crawl their website more efficiently. We know the importance of having XML sitemap that helps to structure the URL and index them more effectively to gain a better search ranking. Sitemap improves search ranking or not- this is a doubtful question but there are obvious benefits of having one and many people like to have separate sitemap for web, images, videos as well as mobile (if your theme is a responsive one).

In addition to regular Sitemap for web, I have recently installed a Sitemap for image and checking the ranking of my images. If I find it fruitful, I will share with you. However, if you haven’t submitted sitemap yet, then you should submit your sitemap to bing immediately.

What is Bing Sitemap Plugin?

Bing Sitemap plugin is a open-source technology which creates XML sitemaps that comply with The announcement came on February 20, 2013 and plugin is currently in Beta version which you can download from here> Bing Sitemap Plugin

Bing Sitemap Plugin basically makes 2 sitemap:

A sitemap for all URL

A sitemap for URLs that have recently changed.

Bing Sitemap Plugin: Will it Increase Bing Crawl Rate?

Bing crawl and index rate is too slow compared to Google, where Google takes only few minutes or hours to index new pages, Bing generally takes couple of weeks to index the same. I believe with above addition Bing Crawl rate will improve, though this is not proved yet!

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