Blog Carnivals: How to Start a Blog Carnival

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

Blog carnival starts with a particular host who is hosting the carnival. Host choose a topic related to his blog and ask others to write article in their blog on that particular topic and link back to the host’s site. Then the host will also include link of that article from the article of carnival.

There are basically three types of interested people on a carnival:

Host- who arranges the blog carnival

Bloggers- who participate in it

Readers- who are not a host nor a participant, just regular readers.

Blog carnival can be an on-going event held weekly, monthly or even quarterly or can be an event held only once.

How to Start a Blog Carnival

Benefits of Blog Carnivals

Carnival Attracts New Readers

If you are a participant, you should submit one of your best articles in blog carnival. Since carnivals on blog attract the same minded people related to your niche, chances are that you could get some royal visitors from there.

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Blog Carnival help to Meet with New Bloggers

You can find new bloggers related to your niche and can contact with them to find new potentialities. They will also know about you and about your working quality. A cool thank you message can open up the conversation for both of you.

Carnivals on Blog Increase Authority

You are attracting regular visitors to your blog but blog carnival help you to get new followers and readers. You can show up your credibility and build your authority at the same place.

Blog Carnival help to gain More Knowledge

You can read good posts from quality writers out there which will eventually help you to learn new inns and outs, new ideas as well as more knowledge that you can implement on your writings.

Blog Carnival

How to Start a Blog Carnival on your Blog

1. Start With a  Topic

At first choose a topic to for the carnival, make sure that the topic is related to your blog. It will make the readers to check more related contents from your blog besides the post from carnivals.

2. Name it

Give a name to your Blog Carnival. A keyword rich name might be helpful for search engine optimization to gain higher rank for your blog for that keyword.

3. Schedule the Carnival

Schedule your carnival and inform others about it. Participants will come to know when your event is going to be held.

4. Write first post

Start the carnival with your own post to make it successful. The participants need to link to this post, so make sure that it is a good one. Update it frequently with linking back to posts from other participants. This will make the blog carnival ongoing.

5. Promote your Blog carnivals

The primary condition to make it successful is proper promotion. Inform other bloggers on your niche through emailing or using contact form. Notify about your blog carnival and its purpose through forums. Also if you have good blogging-friends, ask them to share it through their blog.

6. Follow Up

If you are not successful with your first blog carnival, do not give up! Practice makes you perfect, so keep in touch with them who have posted on your blog carnivals and send them a thank you note. Arrange the second one within next few months and promote your blog carnival more effectively than last time.

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