Blog Post Checklist: Make Sure Your Posts Are Great

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

It requires a significant amount of time if you write an article with practical and useful informations in it. Sometimes you need to do some research before writing an article so that your thoughts become more constructive and you are able to share your best views in the post.

If you are thinking to get higher rankings in search engines, there are certainly some checklist before you  hit the “Publish” button. The subsequent blogging checklist will help you to reach your ultimate blogging goal.

Ultimate Blog Post Checklist Before it Goes Live

When you are spending considerable amount of time for writing a post, why not spend a minute or two to check blog post thoroughly. Here are some important Blog post Checklist which you should consider for every post:

Title SEO

At first take a look on the top. Your post title is important for a pair of reasons: First of all, it appeals your audience attention and also secondly, previous to your subject can seize any attention; it needs to be search engine optimized including main keywords that organic visitors are intended to search. Title should be 6 to 12 words in length and must include your primary keyword in it.

Content Optimization

In the same way as your title needs to include the main keywords, your content should also carry the keywords. There are various ways to find out the thing for what folks are searching for. You can use the Google keywords as well as just make the use of the Google to look your perfect content to get what kinds of things come forward.

Heading Tags

Another important blog post checklist is the Heading tags. Heading tags are important for visually separating your articles so that the reader has an easier occasion following your own post. Use your H1, H2 and H3 tags wisely. Normally for blog post your Post Title contains H1 tag by default and in the post you should use H2 (2~6 maximum) and H3 (2~10 maximum) tags to focus your article to visitors and search engines both. Make sure to include primary keyword at least once in H2 and H3 tag each.


Interlinking is important to link your posts from each other. It is good to reduce bounce rate as well increase page views of your site. Moreover it helps search engines to find unindexed pages and build your page relevancy stronger. You can use SEO Smart links plugin to automatically interlink your posts, specially useful when you have a good number of posts and manual interlinking is a tedious job for you.

“ALT” Tag

This is actually a hidden trick that all bloggers know very well. When an individual upload an image that always range from the description of that image itself is in “ALT” space which helps search engines like Google to pull up your post too.

Blog Post Checklist

External Links in New Window

To keep your blog pages open and reduce bounce rate, opening external links in new window is a great idea. If links open the same window of your site, then it replaces your site and increase bounce rate, reduce page views as well as reduce the possibility that visitors come back to your site after closing the external links.

Preview the Layout Once

After you have finished checking all the checklists, Before you check the “Publish” button, final blog post checklist is to make sure you have a preview to see how the post will look when it goes live.

If I have missed any important Blog Post Checklist please share with us through the comments.

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