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Here are some apps that you can use with your iPhone or Android phone in order to make blogging on your phone a little easier. It is already difficult enough since you are not able to touch type on a keyboard, so any help you can get/find is often going to cut a substantial amount of time off of your blogging routine. They also allow you to be more productive if you have to blog intermittently because you are out and about whilst using your phone.

WordPress for Android and iPhone

There is an app that is dedicated to the WordPress blogging platform. It is ideal for people who have a WordPress blog because it allows them to edit, upload and delete posts. It gives the user a way to blog through the day without having to go use a desktop computer. It is also good for answering and removing the comments that appear on your blog. <Link>

Mobile Blogging

Writer for the Android

This is a word document creator that you can use without the fear of being interrupted by other apps and functions on your phone. It allows you to concentrate solely on writing your blog post. It also comes with the usual (expected) word editing tools. <Link>

TypePad for the iPhone

This is an app you can use to create and upload your blog posts. You may create your post and then install the address so that it can be uploaded to your blog straight from the app. It is also possible to sync the app with certain desktop applications too. <Link>

The PayPal app for the iPhone and Android

Not only can you use this for buying and selling things, you can integrate it into your blog so that you may accept donations. The app will allow you to check on your blog post donations from your phone. <Link>

Instapaper for the iPhone

This is an app that allows you to save web pages and articles to read later. If you are moving around whilst using your phone, you may see a page that is going to be relevant for your blog post research. You can save the page and read it later with this app. <Link>

The app for your Android

This is a good tool to use if you want to increase the range of your vocabulary on your blog posts. You can use the app to look up the words you need, and then you can use the thesaurus features in order to find alternative words for your blog. The dictionary features of most word documents creators on phone are often lacking, so this app will allow you to search for words without needing to go onto Google and find alternatives. <Link>

Evernote for the Android and iPhone

This is an app that you can write and store notes with. You can also store videos, voice messages and images/photos. It is good for both saving your notes in a safe place, and for categorizing/organizing them so that they are easier to find and use later. <Link>

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