Blogging is one of the most reputed and secured way to earn money from online. You do not have to wait to get work, do not have to negotiate with others or anything else. What you need is to take blogging as a hobby, have good writing skill, have to be patient and work hard for first couple of months or years. Once your blog get established, you do not need to look behind. It will ….

PLR Articles

Every single blogger is definitely a content marketer and every blog is undoubtedly a house of contents. Could you visualize a house without having pillars? I believe you cannot. Without pillar contents a blog is as similar to a house without pillar and it ought to collapse. So, to build your blog outstanding, you’ll need to develop few pillar articles as well. What is Pillar Article The ….

Where to Learn HTML and CSS Free

Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is a coding language type understood by coders and web designers. Though HTML is not essential today to design your website as lots of softwares and programs can do the coding work for you as well as content management software (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla etc have made the tough job of designing easy. Though little HTML knowledge might be necessary ….

All of us can check bounce rate from Google Analytics dashboard, and most of us also know how to check bounce rate of individual pages of your blog. But are we taking any action after identifying those high bounce rate pages? The answer is “No” for most of us. Those who are newbie can check bounce rate for individual pages from Google Analytics> “Content” on left sidebar> “Site ….

How to Find Website Content Writer for Your Blog

If you are in professional blogging, one of the major problem is to manage new content every week. Unless you provide frequent update on your blog at least couple of times a week, you will eventually loose returning visitors who are likely to be your loyal readers in long run. You might like to look for various website content writer sources to keep your blog updated with fresh contents. ….

Static Pages Checklist: Static vs Dynamic

There are 2 type of pages every website basically has: Static and Dynamic. Those who are new and not sure the difference between static vs dynamic pages: Dynamic pages are those which frequently changes over time; such as the homepage of a blog, whereas static pages do not  change frequently or remain unchanged over the course of time. Static Vs Dynamic: Static Pages you Should have This ….

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is an important part for a blog that tells a visitor how data are collected from him and used by your website. A Privacy Policy is a must have page to safeguard yourself from any false claim or objection against you in future. Moreover if you are using Google Adsense then you should be using Privacy Policy and also a link to this Google page how the cookies work. How ….