Check Bounce Rate in Google Analytics & Improve your Blog

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

All of us can check bounce rate from Google Analytics dashboard, and most of us also know how to check bounce rate of individual pages of your blog. But are we taking any action after identifying those high bounce rate pages?

The answer is “No” for most of us. Those who are newbie can check bounce rate for individual pages from Google Analytics> “Content” on left sidebar> “Site Content”> All Pages. Here you will find various data including bounce rate.

Check Bounce Rate with Google Analytics

Check Bounce Rate in Google Analytics & Improve your Blog

Click on the “bounce rate” column and it will summarize the pages from high to low bounce. Now, in the list you might have pages which has got 100% bounce rate but only few pageviews as well. So you cannot get clear idea from those pages with less page views and might want to exclude them from your result. You can apply advanced filter like below picture.

Google Analytics

Now take a list of those pages that are getting high bounce rate.

I have already discussed on how you can reduce bounce rate for your blog, so I am not talking the same thing here which you can check on my earlier post. A short summary is that after you have list out of high bounce pages-

1. Make sure that the post is reasonably interlinked with other posts of your blog,

2. If you are using external links, you can open them in new window (I prefer this) to keep your blog page open.

3. Make sure that you use related content and most popular/recent post list in the bottom and sidebar of your blog, so that visitor can check out even more.

4. Improve the quality of the article with more references and information if it lacks of such.

5. Make the navigation of your website user-friendly so that visitor can easily browse your site and check more pages.

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