Check PR in Bulk with Bulk PageRank Checker Tool

by Taswir Haider in SEO

Google just updated its latest PR yesterday- 4th Feb 2013 for the first time in this year and the excitement still going on between site owners to check the PageRank of their sites. PageRank is considered as an important factor to get higher ranking, building credibility and reputation as well as bringing more income from advertisements.

How Do You Check PageRank?

You must be using a tool or a browser plugin to check Pagerank. I use Chrome most of the time and it has few such plugins available which automatically show PR once a new page or site is opened.

I earlier used a online tool FastPageRank to check PR for individual site but the problem is that it contains cache version, so it might show result of 1 or 2 months back instead of the latest one. Many people use PRChecker to check pagerank but the problem is that whenever you need to check, each and every time you have to feel captcha, which is a wearisome job when you are checking PR in bulk.

If you are also having the same problem like I had once, then you might like to check PR with a Bulk PR checker tool where you need to give all your site URL only once and it will automatically check all PR with 1 click. Below are couple of sites which can check Pagerank in bulk.

Check PR in Bulk with Bulk PageRank Checker Tool

Check PR in Bulk

Rank Type

Check Bulk PageRank

SEO Rank Smart

If you have more option to bulk page rank checking, please share with us!

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