Check Your Website and Server uptime with Pingdom

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

You know how much important the uptime of your website is, right? It is important to make sure that your visitors are not bouncing from your site due to server downtime. But how do you measure the uptime of your website as well as server?

There are several ways you can measure the uptime but one of the easiest way is to use the popular Pingdom service, who will be in charge to monitor the uptime on regular intervals.

Features of Pingdom

Pingdom has some cool features like-

It regularly monitors the websites and servers whether they are working or not

If something breaks, you will be notified soon through email and sms

Identify the performance easily with graph of historical uptime

If there is any break, Pingdom will tell you the reason

By setting up a public report or banner, you can share the uptime with your visitors


The pricing is really cheap compare to the service Pingdom provides.

With Basic one, you can monitor up to 5 sites/servers

With Business one, you can monitor up to 30 sites/servers

With Free account, you can monitor your 1 site for free.

Both paid packages come with 30-day risk free trial. If you are reluctant to spend on the package, I suggest you to start a free account and put your most important site there for which you will get all the services from Pingdom.

Check Your Website and Server uptime with Pingdom

Pingdom Monthly Report

After the end of each month, you should receive a monthly report through email like below which I have received for my Hostgator hosting server-

Pingdom Server Website Uptime Check

If you like above features, join for Pingdom today and start monitoring your primary website for free!

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