Check WordPress Malware with Sucuri Sitecheck Malware Scanner Plugin

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Are you using WordPress for blogging? Have you ever got attacked with Malware? If both answers are Yes, then you know how much harmful it can be for you. It can lower your search ranking as well and if you are afraid from this, you might like to check your site with Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic tool to identify how your site appears to Google in the last 3 months.

Moreover you can Check wordpress theme for Malware with Theme Check plugin but in addition to theme, you might also like to check your entire site with Sucuri Sitecheck.

Clean WordPress Malware with Sucuri Sitecheck

Sucuri Sitecheck Review- Premium One

Sucuri is basically a premium security services to check and remove malware from your blog in professional and advanced manner. They have a team of support who provides fast feedback and make your site secured from malicious attacks. Sucuri Sitecheck basic features are-

  • Malware Cleanup
  • Website Monitoring
  • Email Alert
  • Blacklist Removal
  • Website Scanning (Manually)

WordPress Malware Removal plugin

Beside Premium one, you can also check your site with Online Sucuri Scanner which will tell in brief how your site is performing. It will display 3 reports like: Sitecheck Results, Website Details and Backlink Status.

In addition, Sucuri has a plugin which you can install in your blog. I have used the plugin and it is so far so good with it’s 1 click function to keep your directories more secured. Sucuri Malware Scanner Plugin.

Sucuri scans various type of Spam, Malware, injections, blacklisting, website errors, database connection and security issues. It’s website analysis check your site with Google Safe Browsing, Norton, McAfee SiteAdvisor, AVG etc.

If you are looking for a malware removal for wordpress blog, then sucuri should be the ideal choice for you.

In addition to Sucuri Sitecheck Malware Scanner Plugin, you can also check WordPress Malware with another popular plugin Exploit Scanner.

If you have come through additional malware removal plugin, please share with us.

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