15 Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Like your business, your website can be a vital element of your marketing and advertising effort. Visitors tend to be coming to your website for a unique reason, and you need to ensure that you are able to give them the specific information as well as good user experience.

Common Mistakes in Designing Website

Here are some common web design mistakes that should avoid while designing a website and make a website successful:

1. Site Interface

When a new visitors visit your site, at first look he needs to understand what your site delivers. Some site use clumsy interface where it is difficult for a visitor to identify the navigation and categories. This is one of the most common web design mistakes to drive visitors away from a site.

2. Use Fonts Wisely

Fonts are very important but many webmasters forget to make their fonts user-friendly. When the fonts specially your content font is user-friendly, a visitor feel comfortable reading your post(s). You might like to customize your CSS and adjust the font size, letter spacing and line height as well.

3. Open in new Window

There is a long argument whether you should open links in new window or not, but I am a huge fan of opening links in new window specially external links. Because I believe it reduces bounce rate and also helps visitors to check the earlier page where they have left. Ofcourse you can skip new window for internal links as visitors know to right click on it. But for external links, it really helps to keep your blog page open.

4. Using of Flash

Google and other Search engines cannot read flash content, so it is always a good idea not to use flash as long as you can. If your one is a picture blog then you might need to use it in some extent but for general blogging sites flash should be avoided and use only when necessary.

5. Blinking Text

Blinking text distract the visitors from the content and hamper attention. So unnecessary blinking text is considered as a common web design mistakes and should be avoided and if you really want to highlights any part, then you should use different colors, bolds and underlines.

6. Cloak Affiliate Links

Most of the affiliate links look ugly in nature and you should cloak it by using a cloaking plugin like Gocodes to make it pretty. Also make sure that you make the affiliate links as nofollow so that your ranking doesn’t effect for this.

web design mistakes

7. In-line Text Ads

Another mistake in designing website is making confusion between in-text ads and natural links. If you are using in-text ads like Infolinks, Text-Link-Ads and others, then make sure that they do not confuse with your natural links. If you use same color both types links, it will be difficult for visitors to understand which one is natural link and which one is in-text ad.

8. Alt Attribute for Images

Always try to use Alt attribute for images so that search engines can understand what is the image for. Many webmasters do this mistake not including any Alt Tag but it helps to get organic visitors from search engines who are searching for images.

9. Using Pop ups

This is not a common web design mistakes but if someone is using Pop ups it should be used wisely so that visitors do not get annoyed by it. You can use popup for something exclusive such as offering email subscription with a free e-course or eBook gift. You can try premium Popup Domination plugin to welcome your visitors with offers and attractive pop ups.

10. Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling should be avoided unless you have a picture blog. If necessary adjust your site width to prevent bad user experience, so that visitors do not need to scroll horizontally to see your complete page.

11. Applying Frames

Splitting a webpage into frames is quite confusing for users due to the fact that frames break the essential user model of the website. So it is important to use frames only when necessary.

12. Under Construction Signs

Some web designers insist on placing some sort of under construction icon on their site while the site is under construction. If you show some signs, make sure to offer a email subscription and mention to notify them through email when your site goes live!

13. Going Overboard to Advanced

Some designers enjoy using small “tricks, ” for example input containers, opening brand-new browser home windows or vocals. The very first time a customer experiences most of these, the visitor could possibly be impressed. Nonetheless, after a few more visits, the viewer will be annoyed. It’s best to stay far from these things.

14. Misusing Graphics

No matter how fast the net connection of a user, the design of sites shouldn’t take a very long time to load. Heavy graphics can take several seconds to load and increase the bounce rate as well. You can use a external CDN like MaxCDN to load your images from external servers and reduce site load.

15. Sophisticated Backgrounds

Many websites offer libraries of history graphics that designers can use free on the websites. It is tempting to select the prettiest or luxuriant background designs, but these need to be avoided at any cost. A complex background will make a stunning art piece, but it does a poor job like backing for the text.

If you have more ideas describing common web design mistakes, please share through comments.

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