CrankyAds Review: Run advertisements through Cranky Ads

by Taswir Haider in Make Money Online

Earlier we discussed about Publicity Clerks which is a new alternative to BuySellAds and today I am going to review another popular alternative to BuysellAds- CrankyAds. There are certain other alternatives to buysellads which you can also try for. But Cranky Ads is the pioneer one which is very easy to setup and no hassle of getting approval (approval not needed by the Editors) and has lots of cool features, which I am going to share in this post.

I came to know about CrankyAds for the first time from famous Internet Entrepreneur ZacJohnson‘s site, where he was running several CrankyAds advertisements on his site’s sidebar, thanks to Zac.

CrankyAds Review: Run advertisements through Cranky Ads

Getting Started with CrankyAds

Go to CrankyAds, sign up for a new account and login to it. Once you click on “Getting Started” you will find 3 useful videos to guide you through the installment and setup advertisements.

How to Setup CrankyAds advertisements

To run CrankyAds’s advertisements, you need to have Cranky Ads plugin first. You can download the plugin right from your CrankyAds dashboard. Or the plugin is now available at WordPress repository. Install and activate it first.

After activation, Cranky Ads plugin menu will appear on the left of your WordPress dashboard. Now click on “CrankyAds” plugin and it will come with 2 options:

Login to CrankyAds account

Register a new account

Cranky Ads Plugin

Click on register a new account, or if you have already registered, then login to your account providing email and password as well as include Paypal, Site name, Category and Description (make sure to write a catchy description to attract targeted advertisers)

After you have provided all necessary details and activate your site, you will find Ads Zone Management option where you can setup your ads. Setup advertisements is too easy with tooltip support or you can refer to the getting started video which I have mentioned above. While you create advertisement, you will see a realistic preview based on ad size which will show how the ads will be displayed each.

Cranky Ads Setup

Some Cool Features of Cranky Ads

  • You can select whether the ad will be Image, Text Link or Video.
  • More than 15 ad sizes are available as well as you can create your own custom size, which is really cool.
  • You can set the price in more than 10 currencies currently supported.
  • Ad duration could be set for weekly, monthly, 6 months and even yearly.
  • You can choose number of ads per page load as well as maximum number of campaigns available.
  • You can allow to open links in new window or tab.
  • Can also make the link nofollow.
  • You can also select what image should be displayed when your ads are unsold. The cool thing is that you can adjust it from plugin settings. Moreover you can also show up Google Adsense 125×125 ads on the unsold spaces until your ads are sold. Cool huh?
If you have any further query or need help for ad setup and others, refer to the help section of Cranky Ads.

Are you using CrankyAds for your site? Did you have experience with Cranky Ads? How do you like the features? Do share with us.

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