CuteRank Review: Could it be as Cute as the Name Implies?

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Review of: CuteRank
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Fast and Accurate Rank Tracking Software

If you are in blogging for some time then you might know how competitive different keyword is and how to start with less searched low competitive keywords to rank higher in SERP. Another important thing is to track how each keyword is performing on Search engine result page. There are many premium and free tools I have come out through to track ranking but the same problem with many tools is that they cannot track the ranking 1oo% accurately most of the time. One result you can see in 1st page of Google might be shown on 2nd page through the tools.

What is CuteRank?

Among all the tools I used so far, CuteRank is one of the most accurate and fast rank tracking tools available today. I am using it for last couple of months and the result is simply amazing. Moreover you can use the tool completely free if you run only 1 campaign (track 1 site with many keywords). If you need to track more than 1 campaign then you will need the upgrade version, which costs a $59 fee with life-time license and after one year a $10 yearly fee for membership renewal (you can also skip that yearly fee if you do not want to upgrade the tool after 1 year). Pro version also comes with 30 days money back guarantee so that you can return it anytime in case you do not like it.

CuteRank Review: Could it be as Cute as the Name Implies?

Features of CuteRank Tool

Some of the salient features of CuteRank are:

  • Track unlimited keywords with unlimited websites (Pro version)
  • Generate report in PDF format.
  • Track ranking in 300+ search engines.
  • Automatically track keyword ranking on time specified.
  • Display current keyword position and compare it with earlier ranking.
  • View detailed ranking history with tables and charts.
  • Export keyword ranking result and many more features.

If you are looking some fast and accurate rank tracker, then Cute Rank might be a ideal choice for you.

How to Configure CuteRank

First download CuteRank free version from the site. After installing, run the tool> click profile> new profile> add your domain name and keywords you would like to track for and select the search engines which you would like to add (refer to following pictures). You can add multiple search engines you like to track rank including country wise search engines too- such as, etc.





Cuterank Feature

After you setup the necessary details and run the ranking check, CuteRank software will do the rest. It will track the ranking faster and will bring the ultimate result for you. Cute Rank tool also supports proxy. You can add additional keyword any time in the project and if there is duplicate keyword added by your mistake then CuteRank will still count the first one.

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