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Generate PDF and Automatically post PDF to document sites

Document Marketing Robot is one of the fastest growing software developed by reputed internet marketer Stephen Hawkins. There is not enough supporting guide for the software yet. So I have tried to provide a good Document Marketing Robot Review so that you can decide whether it is suitable for you or not before you purchase.

After working with several SEO tools, the concept of ‘document marketing’ was relatively new for me. So before jumping into the software, I also did some study about the functionality of it which I generally do before buying a new software. After that I moved to purchase DMR. So, let’s go back to the doc marketing robot review.

What is DMR?

DMR is a PDF creator and posting tool that automatically submits PDFs to several document sites.

There are several benefits of document marketing. You create the PDF one time but the benefits are long time. If you create a PDF about a product or any niche or subject and give your links, you suppose to receive visitors through the links as long as the PDF is alive in the document sites and people are downloading and reading them. PDF is also a good source to increase the visitors in your website through the links, as the links never die.

document marketing robot

Features of DMR – What it Can Do?

Document Marketing Robot consits of 4 parts:

  •           PDF Generator
  •           PDF Poster
  •           PDF Links
  •           Promote articles

Document Marketing Robot Review – Part 1: PDF Generator

This tool import, scrape and add articles to a project and add spintax automatically. It can also embed anchor text links to specific words and content in the text.
It can also promote all the links that create in the ‘PDF Poster’ tool via pinging and twitter and also have the ability to use spintax with the selected urls.

Document Marketing Robot Review – Part 2: PDF Poster

This tool auto creates a number of accounts on several top PDF document sharing sites. Emails are verified automatically, so that it removes the hassles of manual email verification.
Through PDF poster, you can create campaign and import single or several PDF to add into your campaign. The PDF can be set to post immediately or can be scheduled to post from time to time.

Document Marketing Robot Review – Part 3: PDF Links

PDF links option allow to verify and view all the links that have been created within the PDF poster application. In this section you can-
# add or delete urls
# validate the urls
# export urls and site information to file
# verify the categories used

Doc Marketing Robot Review – Part 4: Promote Articles

The Promote Articles section supports to get the links indexed in the search engines by giving an extra boost in the process and also help them to rank.

 doc marketing robot settings

Auto Spinner Option

It has the 3 top class spinner support, namely-

  • The Best Spinner
  • Spinner Chief
  • Spin chimp

If you are using any of the above spin software, simply enter your user data and API key. Then the chosen spinner will be used. You can also choose the quality of spin as standard, good, very good and best which will help to determine the quality of spintax of articles.

Posting Option

Doc Marketing Robot has 3 types of posting option:

  •        Single file post: You can post only single file to all the selected sites from the list
  •        Basic Folder post: You can select a single folder and all the files in the selected folder will be posted to all the selected sites
  •        Unique file posting to each site: You can select a single folder and each file in this folder will be posted to a single site only.

So you can see how useful the software in the relevant field. The support is also good and fast via email. Moreover, you will receive a 51 pages user guide with the software, where you will get all the required instructions to run the software.

After all, you will have 14 days in hand to try the software. If you are not satisfied with DMR anyway, they will completely refund your full money.

Buy Document Marketing Robot

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Hope the above Document Marketing Robot Review will assist in your purchase decision. Hope you will enjoy working with Document Marketing Robot.

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