How to Start Domain flipping and Website Flipping Business

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Buying and selling domain name, website and blog is an interesting domain flipping business that many people are not much knowledgable on it. Actually this part of the online earning requires patient, negotiation and communication skill as well as little bit of experience. But the potentiality of earnings from domain flipping and website flipping is high compare to most of the other online businesses.

What is Domain flipping and Website flipping

How to Start Domain flipping and Website Flipping Business

The term domain flipping can be described in several ways. The general meaning of domain name flipping is to buy domains at cheaper price and sell them later to make a profit. The term website flipping or flipping website also has the similar meaning. Website flipping is the art of buying a website (or even buying a domain name without website) and developing and improving the site and sell at a higher price.

Unlike blogging where you have a regular income, the earnings from website flipping and domain flipping fluctuates and not equal all the time. So this can be a part time business besides blogging and you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars from a single domain flipping and a single website or blog.

Some people are full-time involved in flipping domains for profit who are called Domainer. They frequently buy domains (most of the time expired domains which might have potential value) and sell them later for a profit. Other people involved in website flipping build profitable websites on specific products/any other topics or build a blog and sell them for a profit and earn handsome money.

Reputed Sites for Flipping Business

There are few domain flipping tutorials available in the market. Here goes some good reputed sites who facilitates Domain name flipping and Website flipping business for a small commission. Such sites are-


Sedo is the largest domain marketplace to buy and sell thousands of domain names per month. Besides domain dealings, they also offer domain perking service in which they share the advertising revenues with you earned on pay-per-click basis from your parked domains. The most interesting part is that Sedo frequently offers domain name auctions on every month.


I love Afternic because I got my first sale from them:). Afternic is basically involved in buying and selling domain names and they are the best domain middleman in my opinion due to their fair policy, dedicated team and strong communication. They have recently reconstructed their site and the interface is very user friendly than ever before. Like Sedo, they also offer domain parking service for which they share earned revenue with the domain name owner.


Ebay is the ideal place for selling your domain name as well as website in auction with several thousands of active online buyers and sellers. The main problem is that people here look to buy at cheaper rate, so you cannot expect a high price for your domain all the time if you are not lucky enough. But if you are looking to sell your domain at a reasonable profit margin only, Ebay is a nice place to start.


Flippa is the largest marketplace for buying-selling websites. Flippa has a very good reputation among website flippers for their domain and business policy. They require basic $30 to include your website for sale, but it worth your money and time if you have a good website/blog for sale. As Flippa has thousands of serious buyers in their list, you can give a try if you have good site to sale.


Forums are always a good source of such business with faster sales record at cheaper price. You can always find domain names buying and selling at a small margin with a good number of sale. Such reputed forums are Dnforum, NameprosDomainstate, DigitalPointSitepoint and Webhostingtalk.

Expired Domain Name Auction

You can always buy expired domains through some reputed sites like Pool, Snapnames, Justdropped, GreatExpiredDomains. I personally love to buy expired domains from Godaddy as I am habituated with their procedure. You can always create a free Godaddy account if you do not have one.

Expired domains are those domains for which the domain owner has not renewed the registration before expire date or registration was cancelled for any reason and are now available to public for renewal before it releases to free market again. The main benefit of buying expired domain names is that you can buy an aged domain in auction. If you are lucky then you can buy domains without much competition and you have the chance to buy 3, 5 or even 10 years old domain. But always consider to check the Pagerank and whether it was earlier banned from Search engine or Google Adsense, if you are buying an expired domain.

Final Words

Make money Domain flipping and Website flipping both are an interesting business to make a handsome money online but may require a significant amount of money. The main problem in this business is that the income is not fixed and you can earn zero dollar to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month based on your domain/website quality, knowledge, expertise, experience, dedication, time and money as well as communication skill.

If you are new and interested to start such business, I recommend to start with very little investment so that you do not have to loose much. Once you start and know the pros and cons, you can decide whether the business fits you or not.

There are many guides, references, articles, both paid and free ebooks on Domain flipping and Website flipping which can help you to learn more about the business. Just give a Google search and you will find many of them online. Best of luck.

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