“End of The World Sale” from Hostgator: Flat 50% Off

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Choosing a host provider was a critical task for me when I started my blog. Indeed, it is so with every wannabe blogger. You need to balance your investment initially, and thus, most new bloggers go for a $2-$3 per month hosting provider.

If you’re thinking of hosting your blog, there’s no better time than this.  With End of the world, Christmas and New Year to follow, hosting companies are providing great discounts.

Get a flat 50% End of the World Hostgator Discount, but make sure you haste, because you’ve just some hours remaining.

Why Choose Hostgator for Your Blogging Needs

Every company boasts about a 99.9% server uptime, however, a few are able to maintain it. When you start a blog, initially you won’t experience any problem since your visits are less. But once you cross the 1000 visits per day which generally takes five to six month, you’d encounter the crucial problem of changing your host.

If you choose Hostgator, you can be assured for a zero downtime for a daily visit of 5000 per day. Bloggers prefer to go for a VPS hosting.

Instant 24×7 Chat Support – Hostgator provides 24×7 chat support to help you with blog setup,

9,000,000 Websites Hosted – Hostgator proudly powers more than 9 million websites, perhaps the largest host provider.

 Why Choose a 2 years or 3 Years Hosting Plan

It is always recommended to choose a hosting plan for 2 years or a 3 years.

Choosing a hosting for more than one year provides you the benefits of reduced price.

None of the coupons are valid for existing customers. Thus, you need to pay the full hosting charges (not even 1 percent less) upon completion and renewal of your account. Since, changing a host is simply the last task on the Earth that anyone would love.

Never choose a monthly or six months plan, since renewals will cost you much! Ready to give your readers and visitors the best experience, join Hostgator.

This is a guest post by ronniedey. You can read more from him at Inspire Today.

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