Gocodes WordPress Plugin : Affiliate Link Cloaking for WordPress

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best solution and if done successfully it can earn handsome income to quit your daily 9-5 job. But not everyone is successful with AM and there are many reasons why people fail in this part. However one of the important part in affiliate marketing is to convince customer with quality products and motivate them to click your links and buy through. Obviously you shouldn’t market something which is not beneficial for your visitors- this is the prime point.

Most of the affiliate links seem ugly with long url and may distract user to click on this. Hence an affiliate link cloaking plugin comes to the rescue.

What is Gocodes WordPress Plugin

Those who are in affiliate marketing might be familiar with link cloaking. Affiliate Link cloaking is nothing unethical but to give your ugly affiliate url a good shape. Gocodes WordPress Plugin is one of the best free (from my view “best”) affiliate link cloaking plugin for your WordPress site. Moreover, it is completely free and doesn’t hamper your SEO.

How Gocodes WordPress Plugin can help you?

Gocodes can help you in several ways:

  •     It hides your ugly affiliate links and make them pretty URLs.
  •     Keep tracking of clicks on your links.
  •     Make all your affiliate links nofollow.
  •     Maintain SEO of your site.

How to Install the Plugin

1. To install the plugin, first go to your WordPress dashboard > Add New > In the search box type “Gocodes” and install the plugin.

2. Or Download the Gocodes plugin into your computer from WordPress repository.

Upload the plugin from WordPress dashboard > Add New > Click on upload tab > Locate the plugin from your computer and Upload it.

Activate the plugin.

How to Customize Gocodes Plugin

Before you make the plugin into action, have some tweak from the Settings > Gocodes:

gocodes wordpress plugin

URL Trigger: The URL Trigger denotes the word which will be used between your site url and product name. For example,


You can change the trigger to anything you like such as link, refer, go, recommends, recommended etc etc.

Nofollow: If you like to make nofollow your external affiliate links, then check the box.

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After you tweak the settings, Now go to Tools > Gocodes.

gocodes wordpress plugin settings

Redirection Key: The keyword you would like to use for your product name. It will show like


Target URL: The original affiliate link which will be cloaked or hide.

Count Hits: If you want to track the clicks on your affiliate links, check the box and then click “Add Redirect” button. You’re done!

Now whenever you need to add affiliate link in your posts or pages, use the cloaked one and it will automatically redirect to the target URL. Though the plugin hasn’t updated for more than 2 years, still it worths a lot. I am using Gocodes WordPress Plugin for my several sites. How about you?

Download Gocodes WordPress Plugin

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