Good Bye Adsense for Feeds : How to Make Money with Feeds

by Taswir Haider in Make Money Online

After retiring ‘Adsense for domain’ program not long ago, Google has now declared to close another part of Adsense program- “Adsense for Feeds“. As Google is stating that after careful evaluation they have come into decision for such, still this is not a good news for those who have a good base of feed readers and make good earning through Adsense for feeds.

As Google is going to close “Adsense for feeds” from 3rd December, 2012 now it is time to choose a second monetization program for feeds who were only using Adsense for feeds these days.

adsense for feeds

How to Make Money with Feeds

Affiliate Marketing

You can monetize your feed through the affiliate marketing. To do this simply add affiliate product’s HTML link at the beginning or ending of an article. You can use RSS footer plugin to do this easily. Though this plugin hasn’t been updated for long, still it can nicely serve your purpose.

 Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads is growing popularity for last couple of years and with their ‘Feedvertising’ program you can make money from your feeds. Here publishers are paid according to a predictable fixed rate. Join the program from TextLinkAds main website.


Pheedo is another platform to make money from RSS feeds supporting feeds with advertising and rich dynamics. Pheedo can also monetize syndication of video content. Try Pheedo if you are interested.

You can also try Adgenta, Feedshow to monetize your feed but always choose such program which do not distract your visitors. As feed readers are not quite habituated with ads and banner display all the time, choose your program wisely.

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