Why Google Analytics Average Visit Duration 0 in Some Instances

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

Google Analytics is the mostly accepted and popular analytics report for any website or blog. This is the tool that most of us use daily at a regular intervals, right?

But while checking Analytics, one major concern is the visit duration from organic search or referral visitor or as well as direct visitors. Everyday Analytics show many – if not few of them as Average Visit Duration 0.

Google Analytics Average Visit Duration

How Average Visit Duration is 0 in Google Analytics

Here we’ll study 2 cases how Google Analytics work-

Case A:

A visitor visits your blog while landing on Page X at 3:00 AM.

Google records the time stamp as 3:00 AM.

Then the visitor goes to Page Y at 3:05 AM. Google records the time stamp as 3:05 AM.

Assuming that the visitor leaves your blog after visiting Page Y.

Google counts the visit duration = 3:05 AM – 3:00 AM = 5 minutes.

Case B:

This is the case when Google counts average visit duration as 0.

After the visitor lands on page X and Google records the time stamp, but the visitor doesn’t hit any other button or link and leaves the page from there, Google doesn’t has the second time stamp and consider the visit duration as 0:00. Even if the visitor stays at Page X for 30 minutes or 1 hour, Google still cannot count the visit duration as visitor hasn’t taken any action from that page to count the page duration.

In other words, we can say that to count the average visit duration the GA Javascript needs to be triggered and when it is done so, Google Analytics counts the average duration of visit.

To prove the scenario, visit any page of your site and pass few minutes there and leave the page without clicking any other link or visiting any other page. You will get the result yourself.

So you shouldn’t be worried from now on if you are concern about 0 visit duration in Analytics.

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