3 Google Chrome Seo Plugin : SEO Extension for Chrome Browser

by Taswir Haider in SEO

Google Chrome has gained a rapid popularity over the last couple of years and being a lightweight browser and secured, Chrome users are also increasing super fast. When I check the Google Analytics, I find that Chrome is on the top of most used browser for visiting this blog. I believe everyone finds the same case in their Google Analytics!

We who are in this blogging niche need to consider SEO significantly in every step and without a SEO tool or extension the SEO task becomes tough to accomplish. In this regard SEO extensions can be a great rescue and time saver in this phenomena.

3 Google Chrome Seo Plugin : SEO Extension for Chrome Browser

Google Chrome SEO Plugin

Here are my 3 favorite Chrome SEO Plugin Extension. You can download them free from the repository.

PageRank Status

Pagerank Status Chrome SEO Extension

PageRank Status is my most favorite SEO plugin for Chrome. It has 5 separate Tabs: SEO Stats, Site info, Page info, Page Speed and Tools.  What I love the most is it’s SEO Stats and Page info Tab.

SEO Stats help me to find PageRank, Alexa rank, Google and Bing indexed pages. Pageinfo tab provide cool display of Meta tags, Heading tags and other useful information of any page.

Install PageRank Status

Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa traffic rank seo plugin for Chrome

As the name implies, ATR is the best Google chrome SEO plugin for measuring Alexa Traffic rank. In addition to Alexa, it also shows rank for specified country, sites reputation/link in Alexa and more importantly how Alexa counts the load time of the site.

Install Alexa Traffic Rank

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is the most popular SEO extension for Chrome out there but frankly speaking I am not using SEO Quake because I do not simply like the extra toolbar which SEO Quake creates. Moreover the interface looks clumsy to me and since I have got other cool SEO plugins, I have skipped to use SQ. But I have mentioned SQ here due to its popularity, so you might find it useful in terms of your usability. You can download and give SEO Quake a try.

Install SEO Quake

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Now its your turn. Which Chrome SEO plugin use are using for your browser? If you have any favorite SEO extension for Chrome browser, do share with us.

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