Growmap Anti Spambot (GASP) Plugin: Reduce Spam Comments to Zero

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Due to its nature, WordPress blogs are vulnerable to hacking as well as spamming. Spam comments are a major problem for any blogger and technology is so advanced now-a-days that auto bots can even solve almost all captchas. Thanks to Akismet that it is doing a great role in reducing spam comments. But is Akismet turning spam comments to zero? The answer is obviously “No”.

You can still see many spam comments are getting consideration or waiting for approval. In this situation Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin or GASP can be a great relief for you. I am using this plugin for last couple of months and in my case I didn’t get a single spam comments so far!

What is Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (GASP)

GASP is a lightweight plugin that simply put a check box under each comment section. Before commenter submit his comments, he must tick the check box to proceed. Otherwise it will show a error message and ask the commenter to check the box. Since bots are smart to solve captchas, but they are not as smart as to tick the check box till today!

Growmap Anti Spambot (GASP) Plugin: Reduce Spam Comments to Zero

The plugin has a settings menu where you can also change the default messages.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin also works well will commentluv and keywordluv plugin and if you purchase Commentluv Premium you will get all the plugins under 1 roof. Moreover once you use GASP you can deactivate Akismet which generally consume considerable resources for WordPress blog.

So if you are not using Growmap plugin, I believe you should give it a try today. Download GASP

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