Guest Post Guidelines : 6 Factors You should Consider

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

Guest Posting one of the most popular and proven one way backlink method after Google is so much concerned for evaluating backlink strategy and profile of a site. Guest blogging has several benefits in sending life time visitors as long as the blog is live, building authority and trust, building relations and many more.

While doing this practice, you should follow some Guest Post Guidelines for submitting your post. These factors should give you a rough idea to determine in which blog you should post and in which you should not.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

1. PageRank

PageRank is one of the single most important factor that will give you high PR backlinks if you choose wisely. While submit a guest post you should consider PR3 to higher blogs, as they naturally posses more authority to Google.


2. Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is considered as an important post submission guidelines. A good Alexa Rank is the indicator of the traffic flow on any blog. Though there are many confusions and myths on how Alexa ranks a site, but a good Alexa Rank still have a lot of importance to everyone.


Guest Post Guidelines

3. Blog Popularity

The 3rd most important factor for Guest post guidelines is the popularity. A blog might have a good PR and Alexa Rank, but if the blog is not popular enough it is likely that people will not concentrate on your posts too. You can check the popularity checking the comments section how visitors are engaging and sharing their thoughts and how the owner is replying to the commentators.

4. Dofollow Blogs

Check whether the blog allows dofollow backlinks for your posts. If this is not the case, then you should skip that and look for another dofollow blog who will provide you 1 or 2 solid dofollow backlinks for your blog.

5. Blog Owner

Not all are born equal! It is a great plus if the blog owner is supportive and helpful. The owner should publish or at least response/make feedback on your submitted post within the earliest possible time. Because no one wants to wait to see his great post waiting to be published so long!

6. Number of Subscribers

We all know the importance of subscribers and the more the total number of RSS subscribers, likely that more people will visit your post with RSS updates and moreover; RSS subscribers are also a signal of the popularity of the blog.

 Some Great Blogs for Guest Post Submission

  • PR: 5
  • Alexa: 12,236
Update April, 2013: The Blog with ** besides the name has recently stopped guest posting and may start accepting again in near future. Also other blogs in the list might have stopped accepting guest posting when you are checking this post!

Above I have mentioned some of favorite blogs but the list should go more and more!! If you have more blog you like to submit guest post for, do share through comments. All the guest blogging rules, PR data and Alexa Rank are updated on April, 2013 so make sure to check the PR and Alexa Rank before you submit. In addition, if I have missed any guest posting guidelines please share with us.

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