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by Taswir Haider in Blogging

WordPress by default shows date to posts and one of the major problem in blogging is that older posts get less attention to regular readers and even whenever a visitors come from search engine and see the post date 1, 2 or more years back, they usually feel less interest on it though the post is good enough. So how to get rid of such problem?

Obviously you can edit your core file to hide date from posts (posts byline) but there is a easier solution to use a plugin :

Date Exclusion SEO Plugin

Yes it works like its name. You have control over your date and do not need to be worried again!

How Date Exclusion SEO Plugin Works

Date Exclusion SEO plugin has the following notable features:

  •     You can hide date immediately after publishing a new post.
  •     You can hide date from the post after specified time period you set.
  •     You can hide date from Front page, posts, category, tag – all can individually modify.

date exclusion seo wordpress plugin

Plugin Features to Hide date

  •        Remove dates from posts: It will hide date from all posts
  •        Remove dates from tag pages: It will hide date from tags (tag pages)
  •        Remove dates from category pages: Will hide date from categories (category pages)
  •        Remove dates from front page: Will hide date from all posts of front page
  •        Number of dates to expiry: Date will hide after specified number of days.

How You can use this Plugin?

You can basically set to remove date from any or all of the above sections as per your choice.

If you do not like to remove the date from above section but want to remove date from old posts only, just set a value to “Number of days to expiry” and it will automatically hide the date from post Byline after the post passes specified days.

Download Date Exclusion SEO Plugin

The plugin Date Exclusion SEO hasn’t updated for long but still it is compatible with latest version of WordPress. I am using it and so far I am a fan of it. How do you like and rate this plugin?

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