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HitTail is a long tail keyword research tool.

Choosing the right keyword is one of the most important factor for high search engine ranking and it is always a tedious job to find the right keyword everytime, turn them into blog posts; and the most sad part is that when those keywords do not rank high in search engines – all your hard work has gone!

If you are a internet marketer or blogger, then you might have come through these difficulties several times. Practically dealing with the same problem, finally I have found a tool which is a great one to assist in my high search engine ranking campaign. The tool is “HitTail“.

So what is HitTail? Hit Tail is a keyword research and suggestion tool which started journey on 2006 and successfully contributing bloggers and internet marketers as well as other niche marketers in their success. Before going through HitTail review, I am going to briefly explain how HT can save your time in finding the right keyword(s).

Why Hittail can be a Great Time Saver

In current competitive market, we need to do keyword research in semi-manual process with the help of another tool. It normally takes considerable amount of time to do keyword research and find the best keyword to choose.

But using HitTail you do not need to go through such lengthy process as HitTail will do the initial part of suggesting the right keyword based on their calculation from organic searches.

What HitTail do is they have their own tracking system that counts all the hits from search engines for specific keywords. The tool then analyze the data itself and suggest the best keywords in the “Suggestion” tab. Then you need to decide which keyword you will target and which is not and write your own copy for it.

How the Suggested Keyword can Help you

Once you login to your account, you will see the following tabs in the top.

HitTail tab

My HitTail tab: is the list of Top 10 keywords and long tail keywords.

Keywords tab: lists all keywords for your site.


Search hits tab: display real time search hits from search engines.

Suggestions Tab: This is the ultimate tab where HT will suggest keyword for you, which you can check daily. HitTail also send email everyday combining these suggested keywords.


You can utilize the suggested keyword by HitTail in 2 ways:

1. You can write new unique articles based on each of those keywords

2. You can improve your current articles on which you have used those keywords earlier.

In my case, I got most of the time the suggested keywords are long tail keywords which are excellent for ranking high in search engines due to their less competition. So we can consider HitTail as a unique weapon if you need a long tail keyword tool too.

How to Install HitTail in WordPress

You can install HT in WordPress in 2 ways:

1. Copy and paste the tracking code into your theme footer.php file.

2. Install the HT plugin and paste the Site ID there.

HitTail Features I like Most

Email Notification

Everyday I am receiving keyword suggestion through email. They send a new suggestion for every 25~125 organic visits to your blog. You do not need to login to your account every time for this.


You need not to be a pro in installing HitTail code in your blog. They have a handy plugin which can do the wearisome task for you. Just install the plugin from your account login and insert the Site ID into it.

Article Writing

If you do not have enough time to write articles on the suggested keywords, you can also ask the support from Hittail team. They have a team of writers who are ready to provide quality articles for $19. Though I didn’t try this option, but heard some positive reviews on this- so leaving this for you to check at your end and let us know the result if you have checked.

HitTail Support Stuff

Their support stuff and system is simply fast and awesome. They are quick to reply your queries and have state-of-art technology.

Final Words

All great long tail keyword research tools are frank to offer free trial and HitTail is no different from it. HitTail comes with 21 days free trial offer so that you can check the tool without paying a single dime. So why not give it a try today?

Moreover if you are a blogger, then HitTail has free plan for bloggers. After you sign up, email HT with your blog link and if you get approved, you will get 1 year Pro Plan completely free.

Sign up for HitTail 21 Days Trial

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