How to Increase Traffic on Your Blog

by Fiza Malik in Blogging

Blogging tips are often shared by professional bloggers across the web, but most of the time you feel that these are not helping you from the start to increase your blog visitors. Now, in this article I am going to tell you only 5 steps to get 1000 visitors a day for bloggers and help you to increase traffic to your blog / website and start your successful blogging journey. Although, this article will tell you the tips to increase traffic but DEAR BLOGGER please keep in mind that you cannot become successful overnight, so be patient and consistent in your efforts.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

1. Remember that First Impression is the Last Impression

To increase number of visitors on your blog, you should take care of your blog layout; it’s your blog design that is your first impression on readers. After having design of your blog, observe it as a reader for its usability and readability. You can also take timely advice from your friends to make your blog as consistent for reading as possible.

2. Keep updating Content Quality because it Matters the Most

To increase visitors on your blog, update fresh and quality content on your blog as regularly as possible because the main theme of a blog is to share quality content or information with readers, so it should be on priority. Some tips about content updating include-

  1. Keep your blog post word count between 500 to 800
  2. Use interesting and relevant images because a picture sometimes worths thousand words
  3. Always share latest posts in interesting manner on your blog

how to increase traffic

3. Learn the Basics of SEO to Beat Your Competitive Market

This can be the most important thing to be considered in increase visitors on blog; you should use ethical SEO on your blog like updating Meta tags, use of sitemap, HTML tags, image optimization and keyword optimization on your blog. You can also do internal and external link building within your blog to increase visitors on your blog. You will see increase traffic from other blogs and search engines.

4. Get Help from Guest Posts for Other Blogs

This is another latest trend that a blogger can take to increase 5 Steps to 1000 Visitors a Day for Bloggers; you should write guest posts as much as possible for other blogs that are closely related to your targeted niche. So the trick here is to make a list of relevant and popular blogs in your targeted niche and write high quality guest posts on them. It can surely help you to drive traffic to your blog as well.

5. Engage your audience by Reply to Comments

You should also try to engage that come to your blog by replying the comments coming on your blog posts. This can increase traffic as well as number of comments on your blog posts.

I hope all above methods mentioned in this article about 5 Steps to 1000 Visitors a Day for Bloggers will help you to get success in your blogging.

This is a guest post by Fiza Malik. You can read more from her at The Blogging Penguin.

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