How Google Search Works

by Taswir Haider in SEO

Google- being the largest search engine and accountable for more than 70% searches has the most advanced algorithm to crawl, index and show the most relevant results to its users. It only takes a fraction of second to display the result for the searched query. But did we ever imagine how Google search works so quick and accurate manner?

How Google Search works – Infographic

The whole process of how search engine Google works is illustrated with a cool Infographic from Google. This infographic covers the basic things of how Google Search works in a user-friendly way, which is helpful for the beginners.

How Google Search Works

Summary of How Google Search Engine Works

Here is quick Summary for how does Google search work.

Part 1: Crawling and Indexing

  • Google navigates the web by Crawling.
  • It has crawled and indexed over 30 Trillion pages.
  • The index size is over 100 million Gigabytes!

Part 2: Google Algorithms

  • Google Algorithm works to deliver the best results to the user when they search for any specific query through Google.
  • In this process Google considers some clues such as Auto Complete, Google Instant, Search Methods, Spelling, Synonyms etc.
  • Based on these, Google ranks a webpage considering more than 200 factors (Don’t ask what are they! Because its Google business secret which they do not reveal to its competitors).
  • Some factors we can assume such as PageRank, Domain age, Domain authority, On page and off page optimization, Social signal, Total backlinks and their strengths, user engagement, time on site, bounce rate etc etc.
  • Search Results can take a number of forms like Snippets (which we prefer the most), News, Knowledge graph, Answer, Images and so on.

Part 3: Spam Prevention

  • Google fights with spam in automated manner mostly, while few others are examined manually.
  • Google notifies website owners when any such action is taken.
  • After site owners take corrective action and fix the problem, they inform it to Google for reconsideration.

This is how Google search works and continues its aggression over time.

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