How to Enable Comment Subscription for Visitors to Subscribe to Comments

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

There is a certain time when visitors might want to get updated with the post they are currently commenting. Hence a user should give the option for comment subscription to be notified any update through email.

Subscribe to Comments is such a wonderful plugin that enable visitors to subscribe for email notification of the related entries. The plugin has a fully subscription manager that the subscribed user can take any of the following actions:

  • He can unsubscribe from a certain post
  • He can block all the notifications
  • He can change the notification email address

Subscribe to comment is a win-win situation for both you and visitors:

It enables a visitor to come back to your site again and check the update.

The visitors are notified to their comment replies if they had any query or interesting notes in the comment.

How to Install Subscribe to Comments Plugin

The installation is quite simple. Install the plugin from WordPress repository and activate it.

Once activated, you should see subscribe to comments option below your comment box.

When a user tick the check box “Notify me… ” then he will automatically subscribed to the post and will receive email notification when anyone make comments on them.

subscribe to comments plugin

Now go to Settings > Subscribe to comments and make necessary changes if required. The default setting should also work fine.

subscribe to comments

Now go to Tools > Subscriptions. Here you will see 2 menu:

Top Subscriber list is the field to show your subscription email list

Top Subscribed post is the field to show your most subscribed post.

top subscriber list

You can also collect these email addresses to send a greeting email to your subscribers. But don’t do spamming as it could be frustrating for your loyal visitors unless they have signed up for periodic email subscription through opt in.

Final Words

If you haven’t installed Subscribe to Comments plugin, install it right now! If you want to build a community blog then you obviously need this comment subscription plugin.

Download Subscribe to Comments Plugin

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