How to Add 468×60 Header Image in Thesis Theme

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Thesis Theme is one of the best WordPress themes and almost all WordPress plugins work nicely with Thesis. But how can you add a Header Image besides logo in Thesis using custom code? This is a quick guide for adding a 468×60 ads in Right Header of thesis.

Before customizing the code, make sure that you have backed up custom_functions.php file through FTP.

First login to your WordPress dashboard > Thesis  > Custom file editor > Open custom_functions.php, Add the following line of code and Save.

/* paste in custom_function.php */
function my_header_ad() {
<div id=”header_ad”>
add_action(‘thesis_hook_header’, ‘my_header_ad’);

How to Add 468x60 Header Image in Thesis Theme

Now you might want to tweak the css a bit. From Custom file editor open custom.css file and add the following lines. Click Save.

.custom #header #header_ad {
width:468px; }

This way you can add Adsense and other ad codes as well as 468×60 banner ads in Header.

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