How to add Page Navigation to Thesis WordPress Theme

by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

Thesis is one of the best WordPress theme no doubt of it but the problem is that Thesis theme do not have page navigation option by default. To enable page navigation you need to activate it by using external plugins or customizing your custom_functions.php code.

Those who overlook Page Navigation, it is important for them to have a navigation system for pages in their homepage (will be enabled for category pages too by default) so that new visitors can gain a primary idea how many posts your site have, specially effective to build credibility for sites with many posts on the first look. Moreover it helps visitor to jump from page 1 to a older one. Sites which have very limited posts need not to have navigation system from the beginning but when their posts grow to couple of hundreds, they should consider to add one as well.

How to Add Page Navigation to Thesis

To add Page Navigation, there are 3 popular plugins which you can download for free.

1. WP Page Navi Plugin

WP Page Navi Plugin

Thesis Open Hook Plugin

Download both plugins from the WordPress repository and activate them. To make the navigation work, go to Thesis Open Hook plugin options and add the following code on ‘after content’ field

<?php wp_pagenavi(); ?>

Make sure that you check the box “Execute php…” and click save. Refresh the page and your new navigation should show up in the bottom of your homepage and category pages.

How to add Page Navigation to Thesis WordPress Theme

You can also add WP-Page Navi style plugin which specifically built for styling WP Page Navi Plugin’s navigation system.

2. WP Paginate Plugin

You can download and activate WP Paginate Plugin from WordPress repository.

3. Paginator Plugin

Another beautiful plugin for Page Navigation is the Paginator plugin. Can download and install it from WordPress repository as well.

Are you using navigation system for pages? Which Page Navigation plugin you are using for your blog?

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